Saturday, June 17, 2006

People Unite!


As I was thinking about writing this blog, I realized that someone who reads may think I'm a little bit of a weirdo...but whatever:)

Last week I went to Lake Calhoun 2 times and each time I was just amazed at the amount of people there...people running, walking, biking, playing soccer, swimming in the water, sitting on a park bench reading a book, and even people who were holding their pets while roller blading (that one was interesting to see). Anyway, I couldn't get over HOW many people I many DIFFERENT people...

So I was talking to one of my roommates about it and we were realizing how cool it is that everyone there is somewhat "united"...united in the sense that they are all there for the same be by the lake....each person could be doing something completely different than the next, yet they still have that common "bond" of being at the lake. I just thought it was really cool how so many different people, who may never be around each other EVER again, can come together and "unite" for something as simple as a lake. I suppose people do that all the time...people "unite" for the common purpose of a restaurant, or a mall....but for some reason when I saw everyone out enjoying the simplicity of grass, water, and the sun it just felt different than when people come together for food or shopping.

Hmmm....well, I don't know that I really made a ton of sense with this blog...but thats ok...just some thoughts that were floating around in my head. So all that to say...go out and enjoy being outside...and heck, you might even feel united with the people around you:)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Well, I signed up for this blogger site thinking it would be easy to use...that has not been the case for me!

First of all, I posted a little blurb about me and then I realized I had a type-o, so naturally I went back to fix it and it still shows up on the site the way I typed it the first time. GRRRR.....

Then, I wanted to add some links and all that jazz to the side, but since I am not html expert, I can't seem to figure it out! blog site has type-o's and does not even look nice. This thing is TRICKY!

Monday, June 12, 2006

trends in technology...

I was thinking the other day how it was less than 10 years ago that the internet and email was available to me...I think my family was on the slower end of getting hooked up to the "net" but we eventally signed up for JUNO email when my oldest brother went off to college. My parents agreed that this would be a great way to keep in touch with him if we couldn't talk to him on a daily basis. So, they signed up and we had ONE email address for the entire family...BUT, I was lucky enough to have my own folder within this email address...that meant that any email I recieved from anyone could have first been previewed by a memeber of my family. Not a big deal when you are in 7th grade, but I do remember the excitment I found in creating my own email address!

All that to is crazy to me how much of our lives are based around the internet. One of my roommates and I were talking a few weeks ago and wonder what we'd do if we didnt have the internet...our internet server went down for a few hours one evening, and all we could do was keep checking the computer to see if it was back've got your emails to check, myspace, facebook,, GAP online,'s nearly impossible to go very long without jumping online! I've talked to lots of people who have a blog site and I thought...gosh, just one more thing for me to get hooked on...I feel like the whole idea of blogging is such a trend right now, and wonder if it will eventually fizzle out. But in either case, I decided to start my is my thinking....I'm a writer...sometimes its easier for me to get my thoughts out when I take the time to sit down and right...not only is writing a good form of expression, but I actually enjoy it (sometimes a little too much) is a handy way to update people on my life, or even just share simple daily things that I can't do using a phone--I mean, come on, it is nearly impossible to call everyone in my phone to tell them about something crazy that happened, or something extremely exciting that I did...who would really do that? So, this way...I have an "outlet" and you guys have a "plug in" to my life!

so is this a trend....quite possibly....but i'm willing to give this trend a shot:)