Sunday, July 09, 2006

To Michigan or Bust...

We had been planning the weekend for what seemed like ages...and then all the sudden it just crept up on us...and now, it is no more. My roommate, Megan, and I decided to take a road trip to Michigan to visit our families for the fourth of July weekend. I like to surprise people, so of course my first thought was to not tell ANYONE about coming home...but then I realized that I generally get too excited when I plan something like this and want to share with the world. Well, I limited my sharing to my sibilings...I told them, because I know they are busy and I wanted to be able to see them when I was I let them in on my little scheme, but kept my parents in the dark about it.

So, most people wouldn't think that going 3 weeks without blabbing would be too hard, right!? Well...a few of my lovely family members hard a slightly difficult time keeping this info on the down low...this story could literally be turned into a book...but I will give you the short verson: my mom "found out" that I was thinking of coming home, tried to get it out of me, and couldn't so she moved onto a different child to which they "couldn't help" but tell her what was going on...then of course I explained that they needed to stretch the truth slightly since I had just told her I was not coming home...if you are following, I am impressed...if not, that is ok...just keep reading. Long story short, my mom went back and forth with "knowing" and "not knowing" and I think we confused her enough that she really had no idea wht was going on.

Megan and I left Minneapolis right after work on Friday nigt and began the journey east towards Michigan. It was surprisingly a really smooth trip to Chicago, where we stayed on Friday night (minus the one small detour that took us into the middle of no where and looked like a creepy scene out of a movie...eeek). The plan was to arrive in Saline around 1 pm and surprise my parents at that siblings were assigned the job of distracting we went to bed on Friday night around 1:30 planning to set the alarm for 7:30...that would give us an hour to actually wake up, get in the shower, and get on the road by 8:30 (from where we stayed in Chicago, it was only 4 hours to Saline)...I woke up on my own around 7:15 and the first thought that popped into my head was "Oh no...there is an hour is really 8:15 right now). So...I frantically wake up Megan and explain to her that we need to boook it out of there so we can follow through with our plans. We gather all our belongings and get out the door in a record 10 minutes! We get on the road and we are ready go...right on schedule. The only bad part is that we didn't have time to shower, or really do anything other than brush our teeth! Nasty-o! Then between the time we left and the time we arrived home, the plan of surprising my parents changed about 5 times...eventually we had it nailed down and everything was going according to schedule. We sneak in a resturant where my brother works, and where my parents were eating lunch, and walk up merely saying "hey..."

My dad had to quickly put his glass back on (they were off at the time so he couldn't see super well) mom did a double take...and my grandma said, "oh are here?!" It was a lot of fun:)

The weekend was very busy and we had a lot going on...but it was a really nice visit home! We got to go downtown Ann Arbor for dinner on Friday night...Ann Arbor is always an interesting place (we saw a guy riding a bike in short spandex and a bikini top....hmmm!?) Then Sunday morning Megan went to visit her extended family, and I went with my family to the church I grew up in...we all met up again in the evening to celebrate my sister in law's birthday and then we headed to the Henry Ford Museum to see the Salute to America program with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and fireworks! Monday we slept in (the only day on our short "vacation" to do this) and just hung out...watching "My Sweet 16th" on MTV as well as a few TLC shows:) We made it to the mall, shopped, and then got home in time for a nice home cooked meal before the drive home in the morning! Plus we toured nearly everyone's house in my family (my parent's, my grandma's, my sister's, and my brother and his wife's:)) It was one GOOD weekend!

We set back out for Minneapolis on Tuesday morning around 8:30 after a short delay (I went running on Sunday morning and noticed my CD case and CDs all over a yard down the road and I could not figure out how they got there...then when we got in the car on Monday I noticed all our Chicago toll money change was gone from my car...someone had stolen my CDs and money, but decided my "gospel mix" and "dirty dancing havana nights" cds were not worth anything...needless to say they kept the toll money and we were left scrambling for change on Monday morning as banks were not open). Once we got on the road we barely had to turn the cruise control off! We stopped 3 times for switching drivers, getting gas, taking short breaks, and lunch....and we made it home by 6:00...if we had not stopped, we figured we would have made it home in just 10 hours! NOT BAD! :)

We're back, and life has been busier than ever since we've been back, but it was nice to get away for a few short days...however, I'm not interested in a 10 hour road trip for at least a month or two!

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