Monday, August 28, 2006

amos lee...two thumbs up!

Some of you have heard of Cities 97, and some of you haven't...but they have this thing called Oake on the Water which is a mini concert series throughout the summer. They had various artists lined up to play "on the water" in various locations throughout the Twin Cities. The last Oake on the Water was held in Waconia, MN...of all places, rinky-dinky Waconia...I'm not sure why, but I just went with it:)

I had heard of Amos Lee on the radio quite often, but I only knew maybe 2 of his songs...what I knew of him, I really liked. So my roommate, Megan, and I decided to make the trek to good old Waconia and go to the concert. The best part was that it was FREE!!

The idea of these concerts is to set up the stage outside and be on or near the water (on a dock, a boat, etc.)...however, the day of the concert was the day we got the most rain we've had in a long they had to move the concert inside to this little restaurant/bar...not a big deal is what I initially thought...and then after about 5 minutes, I changed my mind...streams and streams of people kept piling into the Boat House...I could barely move an inch without running into people.

So Megan and I sat for nearly 2 hours with our knees up to our chest waiting for Amos to come out and play...finally the moment came, and it was TOTALLY worth it!!! I didn't except to like his music/style SO much...but he is awesome. I think the best part is that it's not a forced sound and when he plays live, he sounds just like he does on his album! NICE!

All of that to say....the concert was great...and after I got home I downloaded quite a few songs to my ipod! check him out....I give him two thumbs up:)


Stuart B said...

Sounds like a cool concert. What kind of music does he play?

This coming Friday, I'm heading down to Milwaukee for an outdoors 3 hour U2 Tribute Band concert! Prior to that a Packers that!

Tina said...

sounds cool! amos lee is acoustic i would say...actually i'm not really good about knowing what genre a person fits into...but its cities 97 you can probably figure it out! hope the concert was fun!