Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Chat and Chew

Chat and chew is our daily "snack and sharing" time here in the world of 1st grade. The kids each have a day of the week that they are assigned to, for sharing...they can share a toy, a picture, a story, or if they want something like a poem or a joke. Well one of my little guys decides he wants to share a Knock-Knock joke for his sharing...It goes a little something like this...

Who's There?
Spider Man
Spider Man Who?
Michael Jackson

He finished the joke and it was the funniest thing those 22 little people have heard in their entire life...they were laughing out of control. I though to myself:

A) What does the joke mean? B) Do they know who Michael Jackson is? and
C) How do I top a joke like that?

You try to figure it out...when you do, let me know:)


Anonymous said...

I just wrote a lot and then it disappeared :( Wish I knew what I should have done.
At any rate, I know that you are a Great, positive, person to have as a child's teacher. Those parents should know the lovely gal I know you are and they would be singing your praises and saying how grateful they are that you are their child's teacher.
Aunt ue

Anonymous said...

How about this one?

Knock knock who's there?


Watson who?

Watson you watchin' on TV tonight?

Anyway... it's pretty lame but if you want even better ones... there's a website I found that has a billion knock knock jokes and other kid friendly stuff.... check it out!


Love you bunches!

Tina said...

Aunt Urith...isn't the internet a tricky thing sometimes:) I often write a long story and then it gets lost in cyber space somewhere! Thanks for reading:) I hope to get caught up this weekend!!!

Mom...the kids say such funny things...I'm sure you know! I'll have to check out that site sometime. The kids love funny jokes, especially from Ms. Ventura:)