Saturday, September 30, 2006

thank you

ok....I've complained a lot about my apartment lately (maybe not on here) but one good thing has come out of this place recently....ROOMMATES NIGHT OUT!

We found our apartment through a website called you sign a lease, and turn in some paper work, gives you a little $100 VISA gift card to spend however you'd like. My roommates and I got the card quite a while ago, but have been saving it for a special time...last night:)

The night started by dinner at Chino Latino in Uptown...I have always gone by, but never been's such a neat place...I loved the environment...lots of people watching to do! We got 2 HUGE dishes to share between the four of us and left the place $58 less than when we walked in...but who cared....NOT US...we had a free VISA card:) So...we continued the night at Muddy Paws bakery/coffee shop...we each got a slice of DELICIOUS cheesecake which totaled another $17...but we still had a good $20 to spend...soooo....we stopped at Cub Foods to rent a movie and to buy goodies for the evening...we walked away with a bag full of random treats including Pirate's Booty, caramel apple, hand lotion, honey roasted peanuts, ice cream bars, gum, and Diet Cherry Coke!?!

We got home after the night out to watch a movie when we thought we saw the little devil mouse. We proceeded to try to capture the little critter by trapping it under a chair...lets just say it did not go well, and we did not catch anything! We gave up on the mouse hunt to watch a movie and we were thoroughly disappointed with "JUST MY LUCK"

But who cares....the night was a blast:) THANKS RENT.COM!!!!

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