Wednesday, November 29, 2006

1st Grade Drama..."He broke up with me"

Conferences went really well last week...It is funny the stories you hear, and the things that parents tell you when you do have this one-on-one time with them....I walked away from both conference days laughing about quite a few of my students.

One in particular, gave me quite the chuckle. Daniel's mom came into my conference and sat down excited to hear about Daniel...after getting through the nitty gritty, we were just chit chatting and she proceeded to share this story with me....

The day before the conference I guess there was a bit of drama that went down out by the wall ball area (this is an incredibly popular activity for many of the boys). I was unaware of this incident because I'm not out on the playground when they are (well most of the time at least)...Daniel's mom explained to me that Daniel was playing with another little boy, Michael (the two of them are pretty much BFF...they are always playing together). I guess the boys got into a bit of an argument and Michael told Daniel that they weren't going to be friends anymore, because he wasn't playing wall ball fairly. Daniel didn't mention to me that this situation upset him, but I guess it really got to him. When he got home from school that day, he got off the bus and started crying....his mom tried to prompt him to share what was wrong and Daniel just kept saying "we broke up...we broke up...we broke up..." His mom was confused and tried to dig a little deeper and asked "who??" Daniel, still crying, says, "HE BROKE UP WITH ME" sobbing all the more! Finally, after quite the crying fit, Daniel told his mom the story that happened at the wall ball court and said, "Michael broke up with me, Mom...we aren't together anymore..."

OH the drama of a 1st grader's life:) Good thing their drama lasts for about 12 hours...the next day they were hugging each other like they hadn't seen one another in years...don't worry folks, they are BACK TOGETHER!

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