Thursday, June 12, 2008

my X-TREME adventure...

I thought going to school every day was an X-TREME adventure, but upon finishing the year, I quickly learned otherwise.

See, this is my first summer of teaching where I am salaried all year first year I was not....this year I am...SO there are many things I am learning about the nature of my job. The first being, how wonderful it is to have the summers off! I knew I didn't want to work full time, but I also knew I needed to have SOME kind of structure or else I'd go bonkers. I found a happy medium by nannying 2 days a week and then having the rest of the week off...I know, rough, right?

In any case, Monday was the first OFFICIAL day off...and it was simply amazing. It started by leisurely waking up (after hearing my alarm buzz daily at 5:30 for the entire school year) and then lounging around some. I looked out the window and realized that the sun was shinning and bright and that I HAD to get out there!

This is where the X-TREME adventure begins. I decided I wanted to go on a bike ride and then stop at the beach at Lake Nokomis to do some reading in the sun. Sounds pretty normal...nothing too crazy, right? Well I began to gather some things for this little trek....first an X-TREME backpack (this thing is actually called X-TREME, hence the use of the word so often), a book, a blanket, a water bottle, Carmex, my iPod, my phone, and my keys. After getting all the essentials together, I was ready to go. I grabbed my bike, threw on my backpack, buckled it around my waist, and I was good to go.

The temperature was perfect....warm, but not so warm that I would be sweating within minutes of leaving. As I made my way down the alley of our house, I began to hear jingling of chains....shaking of the fence....and then BOOM...several dogs were pouncing on the fence at my biking by....they do this ever time I bike, but I always seem to forget and be startled at this routine. Instinctively, I swerved to avoid being attacked and successfully made it to the end of the alley and to the road. Whew. X-TREME!

As I was happily biking down Columbus Ave it was a mere 4 seconds before I began to see what I thought was snow....I figured I had to be dreaming, or seeing's June, and warm, how could there be snow? Luckily for me, a few more seconds passed, and I realized it was not snow, but white fluffy weedy things (I really don't know what they're called...but they are the things that float around from the ground...similar to a dandelion, but know what I'm talking about??). Another few seconds later, I realized it was NOT lucky for me that they were weeds as opposed to snow. In a matter of minutes it went from a few floaters to a virtual snow globe of these things. I got them in my mouth, a few stuck in my eyelashes, a few in my eyeballs...the works. It was quite interesting trying to ride my bike with my head down and eyes closed...I wouldn't recommend it:) X-TREME!

To make a long story short, I finally made it out of the worst of the white fluffy things and got around Lake Nokomis to the beach. I got comfy on my lake side blanket, pulled out my Piper book, and had no intentions of X-TREME here....but I was wrong! Before I knew it, there was a plethora of people gathered around the beach where I was trying to enjoy my my left was a group of kids being trained in as life guards, to my right there was a child running around crazily, and everywhere in between, High Schoolers...more than I could count. They were, of course, flirting, and living a life of carefree bliss....oh, to be that young again:) Just trying to keep up with the drama of "he likes her, but is dating her best friend...and she says she's not going to go to prom with him in 2010 because she will be sick and tired of him by then..." was X-TREME!

I observed, chuckled, and reminisced a little bit longer, and then realized I was not sitting peacefully as I had originally imagined! I mounted the bike and was headed back home. I couldn't anticipate any more adventures for the rest of the outing...but once again, I was incorrect. On my way up the gigantic hill to my house I saw something from the distance...I was huffing and puffing up the hill, as to not lose momentum, and realized that the "something" was moving. What in the world? The closer I got, I realized it was a turtle..YES...a turtle....dawdling across the street. Since I was trying to get up the hill without falling off the bike, I didn't want to slow down but felt like I was going to hit the turtle (keep in mind there is a car to one side of me, a turtle to the other side) was a close call, but the turtle got across just as I went past, not even having to press the brakes once! X-TREME!

I got home and enjoyed thinking about all the random adventures I had in a 1.5 hours time frame. I don't know that it gets more X-TREME than that!


Melissa said...

Tina, I love your adventures!! Come home this summer for a visit!! I miss you!!! :)

Tortuga said...

Thanks to you I nearly died! For crap's sake show a little decency the next time you bike up a hill and beware of crossing reptilia.

tony said... ride a bike :p i wanna see that

oh yea and good story