Friday, August 22, 2008

National Night Out

I realize National Night Out took place quite a while ago, but I'm just now getting around to telling you about it....

For those of you who don't know what NNO is, check this out:

There are many goals for National Night Out, but one that stuck out to us (my house) was the one that says "Strengthen neighborhood spirit..." Now, I think I am one of the least "spirited" people ever (I hated pep rallies and school spirit week, I know....terrible!) BUT when it comes to the "spirit" of community...I'm all about it!

Some people do this NNO deal with a bang...Like, blocking off streets, lots of music, lots of food, activities for the kids, etc. Since we don't know EVERYONE on our block, and weren't sure of how this would be received, we went for the low key route this year.

Laurie and I decided to send out some post cards inviting our neighbors to our place on the evening of National Night Out for ROOT BEER FLOATS! It doesn't get much better than that on a hot summer night! The morning of the event I pulled out some markers, and all the skills I learned in the Edu Department, and made a poster to hang on the tree outside our yard....then that evening, Laurie and I "got ready" (which took all of 7 minutes to set out cups, napkins, and the table/chairs)

Then we waited....and waited...and finally people started to show up!! Whew. For about 5-10 minutes I wondered if anyone would actually stop by!! What a fabulous NIGHT!! Since we just recently moved into our neighborhood, we have been able to meet the people immediately around us. That night we were able to have about 20-25 people stop through to chit chat, visit, and get to know one another!

What a fun time!! We had a blast...and are already trying to think of times/ways to get the block together again!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Honduras 2008

Many of you know that I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Honduras this summer with a group of people from Sanctuary Covenant Church. Luckily I have had the chance to share stories and pictures with most of you, but for those of you who haven't heard about it, here we go! I will try to give a very brief and concise overview of the week...

*June 14-22

*17 people on our team including people ranging in ages 10-50+

*We flew into San Pedro Sula, Honduras and traveled 2 hours where we stayed for the week in Siguatepeque.

*We stayed at "The Refuge" which is a ministry that a family (Carlos, Melissa, and kids) from Sanctuary started when they moved down to Honduras about a year ago. The Refuge was originally supposed to be home to this family but because of a slight miscommunication the house was far too large for their family to live in (the blue prints were sent down to Honduras and measured out in FEET, but the builder assumed they were measured in METERS...needless to say, the house was THREE TIMES the size they had originally planned)...God knew what he was doing with that miscommunication as it is exactly what the ministry needs when groups come down to serve in the community!

*Our two main projects for the week were located up in a community in the mountains about 20 minutes from the city of Siguatepeque. One of the projects was to work on building a farm house to provide a local family with a home as well as employment (they will work as guards to the coffee bean crops that are often disturbed with intruders). The second of the projects was to minister to the kids and families on the mountainside.

*We were blessed to see God's hand move time and time again....For example....I got to the airport in Minneapolis only to find out that my ticket had been reserved under the wrong last name (it was spelled incorrectly) was supposed to be a $150 fee to change it, but we began praying and a short 5 minutes later the airline worker came back and told me they'd let the fee slide and change it for me! WOW. Another time we were up on the mountain side and at a stand still because we were informed that the supplies wouldn't be delivered for a few days...we began praying and within a few minutes a truck was coming up the winding mountain road...WOW. Yet another time we were trying to ration out food for a group of kids...we had only planned to have around 80 kids to show up (we thought THAT was an over projection) and instead had over 100 kids to feed...we laid hands on the food that we were to pass out, prayed over it, and the kids were not only able to have 1 serving of the snack, but several...WOW.

*We were able to enjoy the beauty of the country by traveling to a waterfall located about an hour from where we stayed. I was able to climb down to the bottom of the waterfall, walk through it, and walk behind it. This was extremely scary and extremely breath taking! We also got to go to the city of Siguatepeque to do some shopping and site seeing!


I am going to include a few pictures from the trip!!! I have over 300, so it's hard to narrow it down, but I hope you enjoy seeing what I can share!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers during this time!