Monday, September 01, 2008

You think you know, but you have no idea....

This is the true story of Ms. Ventura....

Does anyone remember the show on MTV that used that as their catch line?? I can't remember what the show was called, but it's quite catchy. Because I like the line so much, I decided to use something alone these lines for my first day back to school.

I decided to do a "How Well Do You Know Your Teacher" quiz to give the kids on the first day back....first, cause there is nothing like scaring those kids silly, with a quiz, on the first day back....but more so, cause I think it's always funny to see what the kids think of their teacher...

So I put together a short little T/F quiz to give them and I figured it would be worth posting on here...and if anyone is brave enough to take the quiz, and post your answers, I'd be more than happy to grade it and give you a nifty pencil as a reward:)

____ 1. Ms. Ventura has size 8 shoes.
____ 2. Ms. Ventura has a pet squirrel named Nutter.
____ 3. Ms. Ventura drives a Hummer to school each day.
____ 4. Ms. Ventura’s favorite season is the summer.
____ 5. Ms. Ventura used to want to be a clothing designer when she was little.
____ 6. Ms. Ventura loves to go shopping at the GAP.
____ 7. Ms. Ventura played mini golf in Canada this summer.
____ 8. As a side job, Ms. Ventura makes window curtains out of candy wrappers.
____ 9. Ms. Ventura really likes dancing.
____ 10. Ms. Ventura grew up in Minnesota.
____ 11. Ms. Ventura was born on August 9, 1983 in Toledo, Ohio.
____ 12. Ms. Ventura went to Honduras this summer and walked under a huge waterfall!
____ 13. This is Ms. Ventura’s 5th year teaching at Cedar Ridge.
____ 14. Ms. Ventura’s favorite color is green.
____ 15. Ms. Ventura beat the world record for blowing the biggest bubbles (from gum).
____ 16. Ms. Ventura caught a fish with her bare hands.
____ 17. Ms. Ventura lives in Minneapolis.
____ 18. Ms. Ventura has one sister, Ede, and two brothers, Jaime and Tony.
____ 19. Ms. Ventura’s favorite book to read is the telephone book.
____ 20. Ms. Ventura loves teaching!

So...the moral of the story...the kids think all teachers are the same and they know them really well....but they have NO idea:)

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Francisco said...

The show was called MTV Diary, ya nutter!