Wednesday, October 08, 2008

am i THAT convincing?!

I never realized it before I became a teacher, but I can be pretty convincing...ok, I take that back...ONLY because I'm a teacher to 8 year old children, am I convincing. It's amazing the things you can convince children of, with very little effort.

Every day our school announcements are played via a video clip and at the end of the announcements, there is a "Tip of the Day"...

Sometimes the tip is "Give your teacher a high-five" or "Say hi to a new friend"...well, earlier this week, the tip of the day was "Bring your teacher an apple..." At the finish of the announcements, I decided I would see if I could work my magic and convince these little darlings to bring me not only an APPLE....but a CARAMEL apple to school:) I went to the front of the room after we turned the video off and got really dramatic (as you often have to with kids) and made a big deal about how I love apples....and how I try to eat an apple a keep the doctor away...Ok, you know, gave them that whole speech.

Then at the end I said, "But you know what I love even more than a really tasty apple? A caramel apple....those are my favorite treats during the fall..." and on and on I went about how much I like them, and why.

And sure enough, today one of my kids pulled out a caramel apple, from Kowalski's no less, for me and said, "I knew you'd like this treat, Ms. Ventura....hope you enjoy it!!" What a little precious boy (even if he is one of the stinker's in my class...any child with a caramel apple in hand is precious:)).

During our class meeting/check-in time when it came to my turn to tell the class how I was feeling today I said, "I am feeling thankful because Cael was kind enough to bring me a delicious caramel apple....that was so thoughtful...." Maybe that second little caramel apple reference will get another apple or two tomorrow:)

I need to try that convincing out a bit more....I surely could use a new watch, a trip to Hawaii, and tickets to the Coldplay concert, among many other things:)

Take a look at that caramel apple...I would gladly eat one that big if ever given the opportunity!

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