Sunday, October 12, 2008

I can one place be so gorgeous?!

Normally, I don't like to brag about things....but I just can't help but brag about the beauty that is Minnesota, especially in the fall.

This is what I see when I walk out my door...

And down the street....

I've lived in Minnesota for about 6 years now (HOLY COW) and I have YET to tire of looking at the leaves around this time of the year. Most days all I want to do is skip work, go to the lakes, and walk around and around soaking in all the beautiful colors.

They are so bold...and so perfectly created. I can't get over how beautiful it is (and trust me, I've seen plenty of falls before...but none quite like the falls here)...and what a small, yet amazing, glimpse of God's touch on creation!

So...take a look at these pictures, and feel free to tell me that Minnesota fall are indeed the best around:)

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