Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ladyBUGS...nothing lady-like about them...

SO I have yet to figure out why ladyBUGS are called LADY bugs...there is nothing lady-like about these little bugs. I mean, the only thing I can associate between a lady-bug and a lady-lady is that the bugs have polka dots, and some ladies like polka dots?! That's REEEEALLY stretching it and so I'm just gonna go with my original theory that it is silly that they are called Lady Bugs.

In any case, Lady Bugs are gross on a multitude of levels...

1. The have shells and when they hit against something hard, you can here the clinking of the shells. BLA.

2. They don't just come one at a time, but in swarms. If you see one lady bug, you see many. BLA.

3. They smell. Most bugs don't have noticeable smell, but lady bugs definitely do. And it's not a pleasant one. BLA.

4. They show up dead everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE. One time I found a dead lady bug in between the sheets of my bed. What the heck? I surely didn't leave my sheets out to dry on the cloths line, and I surely didn't leave my bed out on the front lawn. They are found dead EVERYWHERE! BLA

5. They linger...it's not that they are flying around slowly because they are dying...it's just that they are so lame, that they can't fly any faster. So they linger in the air and make a landing that lasts about 10 minutes....they just get in the way. BLA

Ok, I could go on...but I will spare you. I was out in Eden Prairie this weekend and the lady bugs were ALL over the place. I could barely walk 2 inches without hearing the clink of the shell against the wall, or on the sidewalk. I also had quite a few land and make themselves comfortable in my hair. Not to mention jumping on more than I count while on the trampoline (the jumping on those things was not a pretty site....)

I will admit there was a time when I was a little bit "scared" of lady bugs. Ok....I wasn't scared for my life...but I was scared that they would some how crawl into my shoes and I would squish them with my toes...or that they would crawl up my nose while I was sleeping...or that they would fly into my mouth while talking...you know, the normal reasons why someone would be scared of a lady bug.

But good news people...I think I'm over my fear of lady bugs and moved into the "I think they're just plain dumb" phase. Which, they really are! I think it's about time that the name gets switched from "Lady Bugs" to "Gross Bugs"...much more fitting!

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