Friday, October 31, 2008

"tellin' it" through the eyes of a 3rd grader...

For the past month we've been talking about the upcoming election in school. It's surprised me, quite a bit, how much the kids are into the discussions we've had about the election.

What is MOST surprising to me is that they are quite vocal about their opinion and telling the other kids all about it!

We did a "Thinking Map" the other day for after we read articles about both of the candidates. Half the class was assigned to create a Bubble Map about McCain, and the other half of the class was assigned to make one for Obama. I just randomly split the class in half and told them which candidate they would do the activity for. Of course, I knew that if the kids didn't get assigned who THEY like that they'd be in an uproar. In an effort to eliminate any furry about possibly getting the "bad" candidate (according to them) I told them that they didn't have to like who I assigned them to...they simply had to do the project.

After they turned them, and I was looking through them, I stumbled across this one (and a few others like it)...I just laughed. Boy, was she all about TELLIN' IT like it is:)

Be sure to take a close look at this (especially the middle of the circle:) ha!)

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