Sunday, November 02, 2008

around the world in 80 days?!?

*disclaimer...this note looks SUPER long...but its almost all sure to look through the whole thing*

Ok...that is an's more like "Around a very SMALL part of the world in 40 days..."

Since I've been back to work lots of people (teachers and parents) have been asking me how my summer was...what I did...etc, etc. I have realized that my answer generally ends up sounding something like this...

"My summer was flew by so quickly....I was traveling A LOT so that kept me super busy..."

So after giving that response a good 17, or so, times, I realized that I have yet to share all about my summer trips with you all...and it's about time! Hang onto your we go...


Honduras was the first trip I took this summer. I had just about a week to transition from grading papers, and send out reports to life working on a mountain in beautiful Honduras. What an awesome experience it was to spend time in this country!

A group of people from church and I were able to work with a family (that previously attended our church) that started a ministry in/near Siguatepeque, Honduras. We worked on building a house, as well as hanging out with the community up on the mountain...playing with the kids, talking to the moms, passing out clothing donations, etc. It is really hard to sum up such an amazing week in a few words. To make a long story short, we were all challenged, blessed, and amazed at the time we spent in Honduras!


About 4 days after I got back from Honduras I was ready to make my next trip...this time in the States. It was off to Omaha for Nick and Erinn's wedding! Laurie, Matt, Booth and I set out for the extremely interesting trek West to good old Nebraska! The ride there was fairly uneventful, but being in Omaha was quite the opposite:)

We got there and were welcomed to the SWEET city by a HUGE storm which accounted for Laurie and my time in the creepy basement of the mall, and trees down everywhere! Once we got through the storm, we got to the highlight of the trip (the wedding) and some GOOOOOOD dancin!


I had enough time to unpack, do my laundry, and then head out 3 days later for Canada. This trip found me in Edmonton, Canada visiting a friend.

When I was in Canada, I saw many "wonders" which account for the awesomeness that is our northern neighbors. I went to their "Mega Mall" and saw a dragon spit out real fire, played a crazy game of mini golf (in which I got at least 2 holes in one!), went fishing (catching the biggest fish...oh, and a tin can), and watched some sweet movies including "Breakin" and "Rocketman" Canadians do have really good taste in movies, eh?! :)


I got home from Canada on a Monday, and left for Tennessee on Friday...whew! This time I flew from Minneapolis to Atalanta, from Atlanta to Detroit...slept for about 4 hours and then woke up to drive down to Tennessee (I makes no sense....but it was cheaper!)

We spent the week at Fairfield Glade ("the Glade") where we spend a week every summer. It was a good time to hang out with family and spend time soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather!! Most of our time consisted of family, good food, naps by the pool, games, laughing, and falling asleep while watching TLC....oh the joys of a relaxing vacation!!!


I had a whole month in between Tennessee and Chicago....but this was my final trip of the summer. I took the Mega Bus (which could be whole other blog) over to Chicago to meet my whole family for the weekend...we were there to celebrate my 25th birthday and my mom's birthday too! It was the shortest trip of the summer, but super fun!

We ate at plenty of AWESOME restaurants...went to Navy Pier....took a brunch cruise....shopped on the Magnificent Mile...rode the HUGE Ferris Wheel late at night....and had a mini birthday party...some "bubbly" and all!

And that's it...what a whirlwind of a summer....but despite the hectic schedule of the summer, it was one filled with LOTS of memories and fun times! Probably one of the best summers ever!

So I guess I didn't get all the way around the world....but it surely was close:)

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