Friday, November 07, 2008

the GAP jackpot...

Well...I had no intentions of buying anything today (other than a gift for someone else) but when I stepped foot into GAP I couldn't help but notice the big $1.99 and under signs flashing at the back of the store (they weren't REALLY flashing...but anything that cheap somehow becomes flashy)....

I am glad I decided to look....cause I totally hit the JACKPOT! I got 3 sweaters, a tank top, and a super cute dress for a grand total....drum roll please....$30.00 (the dress I bought was the most expensive thing at $22 bucks)! YIPPPPIE! Talk about some bargain shopping. I did the math and if I had bought all that stuff at full price it would have totaled $214....DANG, I am a great shopper:) Ha!

I walked out of GAP with a bag full of very cheap goodies...successful stop if you ask me...except I didn't get what I was originally in there for.....oooppps!

(You really can't tell how cute these items really are by this me, they are CUTE...and fit like a glove:))

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