Tuesday, November 11, 2008

it happend just like I always IMAGINED!

That is....

I got a beautiful, huge, PLASTIC heart-shaped ring. And it happened just like I always imagined it would!

Matt walked into my room yesterday afternoon and we were talking like any other day. I could tell he had something on his mind because he was pace much more than normal.


Matt S. is one of my student's from last year. He was actually quite the hellion and one of the more difficult students I had to deal with. However, he is hilarious and totally inappropriate...which made it hard to handle him....I always wanted to laugh at him, but I couldn't. So now that Matt is not my student anymore, I enjoy his company 10 times more!


So Matt S. was in my classroom and we were visiting. See, I ran into Matt S. about a month ago in the hall, after not seeing him much since school started. I convinced Matt, and his little buddy Matt L. (who I also had last year, who was also a little hellion), to come visit me after school. So from that day on, Matt S. and Matt L. have been coming to visit me. About 3 minutes after I dismiss my class I hear the pitter patter of Matt S. and Matt L. walking down the hall. I have the timing just right so I can look up from my desk as they stroll into the room.

I have a little confession, though. I think part of the reason they keep coming back to my room to visit daily is because I gave them a piece of candy the first day they came in. Then the next day. And the next day. After a few weeks of giving them candy, I realized I couldn't bribe them with sweets to come into my room. So naturally I started weening them off the candy. I know give them each 4 Frosted Mini-Wheats (for being in 4th grade).

In any case, they usually look at my daily schedule and ask questions about what my students did in class. Then they tell me about their homework. And generally little Matt S. will make mention of the 35 W Bridge as he is completely obsessed with it (last year every time he presented a Current Event, it was about the Bridge. Weird obsession if you ask me!).

Yesterday was a little bit different, though. Matt L. was in the classroom, but he was sitting on a chair away from my desk (which is where we normally visit). The boys weren't as inquisitive as normal. I didn't hear anything about the 35 W Bridge. Matt S. walks up to me and had a little grin on his face. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his clasped hand. I think I was grading some papers so I didn't really pay too close of attention to what was in his hand. Then in the most adorable and endearing voice, Matt S. says, "Here Ms. Ventura....this is for you," as he held out his clasped hand.

I held out my hand, curious about what he had, and before I knew it, I was holding a RING...a big one at that. I would venture to say it was quite the BLING! Matt S. got a ring and brought it in to give to me. I was speechless. Literally. I thought it was the cutest thing EVER. I quickly squealed (mainly because Matt S. had never been so polite and sincere before!) and said, "OH MATT....that is SO kind of you! How did you know I like PLASTIC, RED, HEART-SHAPED rings?!?" He got the goofiest little smile on his face and I quickly put it on my finger!

I assured him that I would take good care of it and that I really appreciated his kind gesture. And with that, Matt S. and Matt L. walked out of the room, with 4 Frosted Mini Wheats each, and headed down the hall. I stood outside my room and waved them goodbye.

And just like I was left with a ginormous ring...a ring that's all mine....and was meant just for me!

Boy....it happened JUST like I always imagined it would:)

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