Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shoveling...surprisingly enjoyable!

Well....we got enough snow this weekend that I figured it was time to pull out the old shovel.

This may sound silly...but I actually find shoveling quite enjoyable...and even more enjoyable this year because we only have a short sidewalk to clean up! I was trying to figure out why I actually do like it...and I have come to a few conclusions:

1. You are outside, where it's cold, but stay fairly warm because you're working hard.

2. If you went to the gym earlier in the day you get a doubly great arm work out....and if you didn't go to the gym, it's an extremely great excuse not to go!

3. You are enjoying the snow "on foot" rather than slipping and sliding around in a car.

4. Surprising your neighbors by shoveling their walkway is just really fun!

5. After you are done you get to enjoy a great sense of accomplishment as you look at all the snow you moved from Point A to Point B.

But, while shoveling is pretty dang awesome, there are a few not so fun things about shoveling:

1. The wind whipping the snow around so much that you can't see what you're doing.

2. Shoveling while it's snowing, only to go inside, look out 15 minutes later, and to see all of your hard work covered by another layer of snow.

3. Forgetting to bend with your knees rather than your back, and hurting yourself...

However, I can honestly say that the GOOD parts about the chore of shoveling definitely outweigh the BAD parts:)

So if you haven't gotten the joy of doing this yet, get out there....you'll feel great!

Note to Roommates: Don't be fooled that I want to hog all of this snow shoveling enjoyment to myself...I'd gladly share this experience with all of you upon each snowfall:)

*It looks like there is no snow...but indeed there was :)

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