Monday, December 28, 2009

i love exercise...

I love exercise!

Recently I have found that I have little time for it due to the pressures of work, school, and life in general.

Today I got in a 2 mile run...first time in weeks. It felt amazing!

Here's to getting back into my exercise routine!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

snowPANTS without pantPANTS?

I realize that I have neglected my blog for quite some time...but what happened this morning was well worth signing in to share this little post...

Today was the first day that kids really needed to wear snowpants to school. As they were all trudging into the room with boots, and snowpants, I had to do my "snowpant and boot" speech about how to hang them up and put them away neatly in lockers.

One little boy was standing by his locker...he would start to unbuckle his snowpants...then stop and think, and rebuckle...then start unbuckling again, and then stop, and rebuckle. I couldn't figure out what he was doing, and being that we don't have time in our day to make a musical instrument out of our snowpants, I quickly went over to him and request that he "kick it into high gear" and get his snowpants off.

"But Ms. Ventura...I can't..."

"Why not?"

"Because my Grandma forgot to give me pants..."

"Oh, you don't need a second pair of pants at school...just wear the ones that are under your snowpants..."

"No, I don't have ANY pants on, under my snowpants..."

"Wait, you mean, you aren't wearing PANTS?!?!"

"Yeah, Ms. pants!"

"Oh my! Well, you need to go to the nurse and get a spare pair of pants to wear today..."

So, off to the nurse goes little Randy to get a pair of pants. He comes back to class looking like this:

I almost started busting out laughing. What a sight to see. Not only did this little one forget PANTS (I have yet to figure how you can forget pants...shirt, socks, underwear...SNOWPANTS?!) but apparently there were no extra pants in the nurse's office, so he had to wear shorts with boots. HA! To top it off, when I asked him if I could take his picture, he posed like this without any prompting on my part!

I've seen these kids do a lot of funny things...but I think this is one of the funnier ones yet!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh, the conversations I have...

I'm having hilarious conversations are a few that made me chuckle, today...


After hearing "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson at our all school Peace Assembly, I hear:

Kid: I know everything about Michael Jackson

Me: Really?

Kid: Yeah, Ms. Ventura! Michael Jackson died when he turned white. When he was black, he was alive and singing...


The kids were talking about their Halloween costumes, so I chimed in...

Me: What do you think I should be for Halloween?

Kid 1: A princess...

Kid 2: A monster...

Kid 3: A chicken...

Kid 4: A witch...

Kid 5: A big, fat, green frog...'s good to know how they view me!! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Will You Be My Valentine?

I realize that it's way too early to be talking about Valentine's day....but just a week or two ago was "Sweetest Day" (I think that's what they call it)...which made me think about Valentine's Day...which lead me to looking at this note I posted on FB about V-Day last year...check it out:

Written 2.15.09

Valentine's Day was celebrated yesterday and is a holiday traditionally known as a time for "lovers to express their love for one another..." (see Wikipedia for a full explanation of the holiday: In essence, a "Valentine" is someone you love and want to express love towards.

As I was thinking about it, people generally think about those they love and ask them to be their "Valentine." I'd like to take an alternative twist, and suggest that not only are there people whom I love and call "Valentine's" but there are also things I love. Can't these be my "Valentine's" as well!!!???

I would say so!

So, I have composed a list of things that I LOVE (in no particular order)...

-Naps on a Sunday afternoon
-Mac computers
-My comfortable bed
-My profession
-Rainy days
-Sherbet with Sprite
-Sunny days
-Bike rides
-Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos
-Nail polish
-My black Northface jacket
-Dim lamps
-Going on a run
-Multiple Tabs open in Moxilla
-Crisp carrots
-The couches I am sitting on
-Singing loudly in my car
-Reading books aloud
-Tommy Bahama Candles
-Seasonal Candy (ie, Jelly Beans at Easter, Hearts at V-Day, etc.)
-Coffee dates (without coffee)
-Telling stories
-Sanctuary Family
-Walking through REI
-Chick flicks
-Unexpected notes/small gifts (ie, Like when my roommy left me a candy bar--just because)
-Clean teeth
-Free Night Thursdays
-Sleeping in
-Giving Gifts
-Steaks with mashed potatoes
-Washing dishes my dishes by hand
-My cell phone
-Wireless internet
-Being organized
-Freshly shoveled sidewalk
-Releasing Inhibition
-Fall days
-Fresh (warm) bread
-Dutch Blitz games
-Spur of the minute plans
-Reconnecting with people
-The unexpected (usually...)
-Painted walls
-My mom's food (minus a few choice meals:))
-Sweats and a hoodie
-A clean house

I could go on and on....but, to the above things....will you be my Valentine!?!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Letters from my Kiddos...

I get so many pictures from my students, I barely know what to do with them. This might sound horrible, but half the time I tell them I'm going to take them home and then I just throw them away...I am running out of space to hang them up in the classroom! Shhh!

While I love the bright and colorful pictures, I love getting letters from my kiddos. Check a few of the latest out...

Student Letter #1:

It appears that this little one "really" wants to stay in my classroom. OH...and it's apparent that I need to do some lessons on how to write a friendly letter..."Dear Ms. Ventura" at the end of the letter?! That's new!

Student Letter #2:

I guess we should be working on capital letters at the beginning of a sentence so I can give her another test that she so badly wants. And I think I should be getting more sleep at home...I asked her why she wrote that and her response was, "Oh, you look tired at the end of the day..." While at first I started to contemplate how much I must look like hell at the end of the day (for her to say that), I realized that she may be on to something...I can't say that I disagree with her about being tired and needing more sleep:)

Student Letter #3:

And this is why I have the best job ever...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sugary goodness?!

This little one was celebrating her 7th birthday...and couldn't have been more excited...

She was on top of the world when her mom brought in this birthday treat to share...a beautiful, but incredibly large AND sugary cake...

I cut and served slices of cake (since I am not only a teacher, but a waitress) and everyone was quietly devouring their slice of birthday cake.

I really didn't hear much noise except for the chewing of the cake and the occasional dropped fork. I didn't hear anything until a mere 3 minutes after the cake was served. And then I started to hear kids saying the following...

"Oh...Ms. Ventura...I can't eat any more..."

"Ms. Ventura...this is too much cake..."

"I don't think I can eat any more sugar, Ms. Ventura..."

"Can I throw this away now, I'm done..."

Half the plates looked like this when the kids surrendered their sugary treat...

I don't know that this has ever happened in the history of my time working with kids...turning away sugary goodness?!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I'm Eden Prairie, at least!

Check out this...

I made the Eden Prairie School District Newspaper:

Either they thought that I was really into the Math Academy that I was a part of...OR, they wanted to plaster my picture in the newspaper because I'm "diverse." I haven't yet figured that one out....however, I'm taking a tally at school and the latter option is winning :)

Thank goodness for dark hair and a nice're considered fame, here, because of it :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

AAA (An Arizona Adventure)

I had been anticipating last weekend for quite some time. I was so excited for a short, sunny get away to Arizona. Greg had a business trip scheduled to Tuscon, so it made sense to take advantage of his required trip and meet up with him at the end of the work week for a day and a half of adventure...yes, I was expecting adventure, but I had no idea what kind of adventure I was in for...

The story begins with a phone call from an unknown number while I was at work, during the day. I figured it was a telemarketer so I just ignored the call and the voicemail. Bad idea. It wasn't until I was home at 3:30 (getting ready to leave for the airport) that I remembered to listen to the message. It was US Airlilnes calling to tell me that my flight was going to be delayed by "100 hundred minutes" (according to the recording) and that because of the delay I would miss my connection in Phoenix to Tuscon. GREAT. My trip was already going to be short and I didn't want it to be even shorter due to delays.

Needless to say, that was not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I called the airline and talked to someone who said they could switch me from US Airline to American Airlines. I could get on a new flight that connected in Houston and then over to Tuscon without any issues. WONDERFUL. I was so pleased to know that this would be able to alleviate the connection issue and I'd still be getting to Tuscon within 10 minutes of the projected time.

I arrive at the Minneapolis airport to find the line for American Airlines what seemed to be miles long. I hopped into line quickly and waited (unfortunately not very patiently) for about 45 minutes. I finally got to the desk and the woman took my confirmation number and alerted me that the flight into Houston and connecting to Tuscon was 3 hours. I was going to miss my connection, no doubt. Panic struck me because I thought I was in the clear...I thought I was going to get to Tuscon that night, no problem. I was wrong. After talking to the woman for a few minutes, she advised me that I should go back to my original flight on US Airline and just get off in Phoenix, rent a car, and drive to Tuscon...that would get me there faster than missing my connection, sleeping in the airport, and taking the first flight out in the morning. All the while I am texting and calling Greg, hoping to get his thoughts on the best options. After much contemplating and asking questions, I went back with US Airline and took my original flight with the thought that I will just drive from Phoenix to Tuscon once I got in.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Greg and I had already gotten hooked up with a sweet car rental deal in Tuscon (the original plan was for me to grab the car when I landed in Tuscon) and since I was now not landing there, we had to cancel that car rental, and scramble to get another car rented for pickup in Phoenix.

I got to the gate to check in and tell them the situation because Greg was on the phone with someone (not sure anymore) who told him that in order to not use one of the legs of the trip, it had to be canceled...if you just don't show up for one of the parts of the trip, the rest of the trip is canceled. Good to know, because I was seconds away from just planning to not show up on the plane in Phoenix, which would have meant my return flight would have been gone. Poof. I talked to a man at the gate who was speaking to me like I speak to my 1st grade students, which annoyed me greatly. But when all was said and done, he helped me cancel my Phoenix to Tuscon connection (both ways) so my round trip ticket was now Minneapolis-Phoenix and back. I did this with the reassurance that Greg would also be able to cancel his flight from Tuscon to Phoenix if we simply stopped at the Tuscon airport--we had to do this because I was flying out of Phoenix now, and the car was rented in Phoenix, so it had to be returned there to avoid hundreds of extra dollars spent on car rental.

I sat in the airport for another 4 hours until my flight was finally ready to take off. At this point it was 9:30 pm. And at this point, I was simply tired from the long day, and the chaos of the back and forth and trying to figure everything out. I hopped on the plane and were en route by around 10:00 pm...with a 3 hour ride...and a 2 hour time difference, that puts me into Phoenix around 11 pm. And around 11 pm I did arrive. I groggily stumbled off the plane, pleasantly surprised by the heat in the walkway. Miraculously, I found my way to the car rental shuttle bus, and went over to pick up the car that Greg had reserved for me. It was close to 11:30 but I was finally on the make my trek east on I-10...Tuscon here I come! Without any complications, or getting lost, I arrived in Tuscon around 1:30 am...which was 3:30 am Minneapolis time. I had been awake and on the go for nearly a whole day...2 hours short of 24 hours straight. Sick. I was so happy to finally be there, but couldn't do much other than fall into bed. I didn't sleep well because the walls were paper thin...but I managed to stay in bed until about 7:30 am (even though I was awake at least an hour or more before that). At that point, I ate a deliciously soft sugar-cinnamon bagel with a hint of onion and cream cheese. Just what I needed, as I hadn't really eaten food the day before (with all the commotion the only thing I had time for was a slice of pizza for the entire day).

It was a new day and I was ready to be on with the warm, sunny, adventurous day ahead! I went to the pool for a while, and soaked up a few rays while Greg inquired about some cool things to check out in the area. After he had gathered all our options, we decided on a few things that we both agreed looked cool and planned to see how the day went, and what we had time for. We knew for sure that we DID have to stop at the Tuscon airport for Greg to cancel his Tuscon/Phoenix in person. Other than that, we planned for the day to just go along and see what we had time for. After the pool, and a much needed shower, I was ready to check out the Arizona desert. We made our way to the beautiful Sabino Canyon where we walked/hiked around...climbed a mini mountain (ok, I think it was more of a glorified hill)...and took some awesome pictures....

We decided to grab some lunch after being out in the sun and warmth and then hit the airport last before heading to Phoenix for the rest of the day. A tasty lunch we had. I ordered an amazing Tacostada Salad...and let me tell you, I've never seen a salad of that magnitude. Delicious, but far too big for me small tum. We gobbled up our lunch then made our stop at the airport. Greg went in, and I sat in the car trying to not make eye contact with the security man as I knew he'd make me drive around...and I really just wanted to wait. I happened to glance in the window and saw Greg's hands go from his sides to over his head with a tilting back of the head. Uhhhh-oh. I didn't think that was a good sign. I thought this was supposed to be the easy part.

Greg came back out to report that the US Airline desk was closed because the last flight out was an hour before we one in the entire stinkin airport, could help us with a US Airline issue. WHATTTTT! We were directed to call US Airlines on the phone, but of course they were able to do NOTHING for us over the phone. NOTHING but tell us that we could pay $150 to change Greg's ticket and another $300 some to get the new one from Phoenix to Minneapolis. That was not going to happen.

OH, and even better...we had just found a hotel for Phoenix that morning cause we thought we had to stay there for the the room had been booked and all. Then we find out that the option is to pay 400 buckaroos for a new plane ticket, or to eat the money spent on the room in Phoenix and stay in Tuscon after all, dropping Greg off in the morning, and then driving back to Phoenix by myself in the morning. None of the options were great, but we knew that paying for a new ticket was out of the question. So we opted for the cheaper option....stay in Tuscon, Greg flying out of there in the morning, and me flying out from Phoenix. Lame.

Ok, so there was nothing much we could do. We found a new hotel, that was cheap...and the rooms even had a small kitchen in it. We figured we'd make dinner to save on some off to Walmart we went, where we found ourselves a tasty frozen pizza, cookie dough, and some cheap wine. Classy, I know.....and actually I would have not wanted it any other way :) We went to heat the oven upon our return to realize that there was NO OVEN. This has got to be a joke. WHHHHAT? How could we not have realized this small detail. Actually at this point, it was so ridiculous that it was funny...and I just giggled about it. Since we had no where to put it, we decided we had to return it and get the money back. So back to the car we went....when we realized the receipt had been thrown away. OH. MY. WORD. Luckily the receipt was recovered in the Walmart trash can, and they took back the unused food products! Applebees take out was our dinner of choice...and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Just as lovely as the pizza/cookie idea.

I made it through about 10 minutes of Harry Potter 3 and then was zonked out. Dang. I think that's what happens when you turn 26 and are an old lady.

The next morning I woke up dreading the 2 hour drive back to Phoenix alone, but I had to get Greg to the airport in Tuscon by 8 so that I could get back to the Phoenix area by 10, return the car, and get through security and all that jazz to make my 12:00 flight. When we pulled up to the airport I suggested checking to see if, by some miracle, they would be able to switch his flight so he went in to ask before he took any of his luggage....10 minutes later, he came out with 2 boarding passes in hand...One in the name of Christina M Ventura and one in the name of Gregory E Mohr...both from Phoenix to Minneapolis. SUCCESS!!!

Happily, we drove back to Phoenix together playing the ABC game (finding words on Billboards, road signs, etc. that start with each letter of the alphabet) and the "Name that Tune" and "Who's the Artist" game (courtesy of Mohr Games, INC.)--by the way, I am really bad at those music games...I apparently know no one that is played on AZ radio. :) We soaked in the sights of the AZ scenery and then we finally arrived in Phoenix...return the car...and get through security in the flash of an eye.

We boarded the plane and enjoyed a nice flight back to the Twin Cities. We entertained ourselves with a never ending game of Checkers...some Word Search puzzles and a few snoozes. As we got off the plane I realized that this adventure was coming to an end.

To the normal human being, excitement and relief would be overwhelming feeling...and while I was happy that we successfully made it home...I was not ready for the adventure to be over. While there were some incredibly frustrating travel moments, it really was an adventure...and it was fun to be on an adventure together!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Teachers are not JUST teachers...

I have realized that being a teacher does not mean that I'm simply a teacher. I have to be many other things, along with being a teacher. Here are a few that I've come up with...

Teachers are not only teachers. To their students, they are also:

--Police Officers
--Party Planners
--Social Workers

The list could go on. Whew...No wonder I am so tired at the end of the day :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pondering on a Saturday

Location: Dunn Bros, Excelsior, MN
Time: 3:48 pm
Company: Me, myself, and I
Current Pandora Station: Brandi Carlile, playing Coldplay's Fix You
Weather Conditions: 72 degrees and sunny
Clothing Choice: Flip flops, skinny jeans, and a fun striped cardigan, sleeves rolled
Drink: Strawberry Pink Freeze, light on the whip

I can barely stand how lovely this afternoon has turned out to be. Not that I was planning for it to be horrible to begin with, but I just had no idea I would find myself sitting outside, basking in the glorious sun, on one of the most picturesque days in quite some time.

I had class this morning, and then picked up George from the airport to meet his new bride and one of my best friends, Meg, in Waconia for a wedding. The plan was to then drive back to the cities to go to Greg's birthday party, and then drive back out to Norwood to hang out with all my best friends after the said wedding. After talking with Greg, I realized it made more sense for me to stay out this way than to drive back and forth 2 times...totaling 4 hours of drive time.

Upon staying out here I found myself driving to Excelsior which is one of my favorite cities west of Minneapolis. It's one of those cities that could be straight out of a movie. The shops....the people...the lake and boats...the streets lined with little cars filled with people smiling from ear to ear. I was pleased when I remembered the Dunn Bros in Excelsior and decided this would be the perfect pit stop to get some work done.

So here I sit...quite content. It was on the way here that I had all my random pondering fill my mind...

--Driving out this way reminded me of my experience and time at Crown College. As I was driving the roads I used to drive daily, only a few short years ago, my mind was flooded with memories of my time at Crown. Some incredibly great memories...some ok memories...and some really miserable memories. But as I was reminded of all of those memories, I was reminded of how blessed I was to have had the experiences. There is no doubt that I have met my best, most dear friends during that time. I laughed, and cried, and experienced a kind of life that I will never again experience.

--Driving that route also reminded me of the beauty of the Lord's creation. Glancing out the window on one side I saw lakes of blue, glistening the other side I saw fields that were also glistening a golden glow below the rays of the sun. And at one point, clouds covered and shadowed the land creating a stillness, a peacefulness that is like none other. The colors...the textures...the smells...what an amazing God we have, that intentionally created the land and all that's on it.

--I stopped at Target to grab a few things and walked by the Halloween candy on one side of the aisle, and Christmas wreaths, lights, and trees on the other side. There is something terribly wrong with that picture.

--Life can change so much, in such a short amount of time. I am constantly pinching myself when I think about how blessed I am to spend time with the people that are important to me. But lately I have been thinking about this blessing even more since I have met Greg. I continually feel amazed and thankful for the time I get to spend with him. Kind of funny when I think about how various people have come into my life...but Greg was one person I was not expecting to come into my life...but could not be more pleased and excited that he has!

--Live music is one of the perks of living here in Minneapolis. People are always coming to Minneapolis to perform. On Thursday I went with Greg, his roommate Travis, and my roommate Hilary, to see Brandi Carlile and was just blown away with that performance. There was such a raw, pure, and rarity about her voice and performance. I found myself, although feeling the weariness of the day, wanting the concert to last longer and longer. I could have listened to her sing all night. On Friday night we went to see Joshua Radin who is a smaller name than Brandi C, but still good. I love seeing people doing something they love so much! You can tell that these people are just totally cut out for the job as they just bask in their performances.

--The last time I walked up and down the street of Excelsior I would have picture my life, at this moment, to be much different....SO different...and at the time I thought I couldn't have pictured it any other way...but now that I'm experiencing that "other way" I can't imagine it being the way I had originally pictured it. I love how God surprises you...sometimes now the kind of surprise you want, but sometimes the kind of surprise that, even you couldn't have pictured any better.

I could go on and on....I really could, but for your sanity, and for the sake of actually getting something productive work done, I'll end here! Although the day did not turn out how I would originally planned, it has been quite should try to have one of these days too!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Time....

To all my Minnesota happened....

I went to my FIRST Twins Baseball game!

I am not the biggest baseball fan in the world, but I have heard that going to a Twins game is a "must do" if you live here in the cities...if for no other reason than the experience.

A few highlights from the game:

--Pre-game drinks and convos with new friends!

--Getting tickets that were 2 for $ seriously can't get much better of a deal!

--Eating my first Dome Dog, which, to my surprise, IS much different than a hotdog!

--Learning some of the hand signals used during the game..."Safe" and "Homerun"

--Using some of the learned hand signals during the game!

--Asking a million questions about the game!

--My seat buddy!

--The wonderful company of friends...would not have wanted to have this "first" with anyone else!

So happy to have had this "first"

Friday, September 11, 2009


First week back and I think this is my favorite part...

We read a story called "The Doorbell Rang" which is about kids sharing cookies. Naturally, I asked the kids what things they share with other people... Most responded by saying "" you get the idea. Then little Suchith raises his hand and says "I share Budlight..." I thought I had to be hearing wrong...Budlight?! I quickly tried to redirect the word and say " share Buzzlight?" "Noooo...Budlight..." said Sucith. I was so confused cause I had no clue what he was talking about. He then proceeded to say he shares this Budlight with his dad and brother. Hmmmm. All the kids kept saying "What is Budlight..." I concluded the conversation "He means"

Check out the little video I took of him talking about Budlight! :)

Oh, the joys of being back!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

No longer....

No longer are the days that I can stay up until 1:30 am watching MTV Cribs or Jon and Kate Plus 8...

Nope, those days are gone!

Back to work means back to a decent bed time...I mean, there are always some exceptions to the rule...but for's early to bed for me!

I am Woman....hear me ROAR!

No....this is not some crazy feminist keep reading!

This is a picture of me:

I think this picture describes me fairly well...

*I'm wearing a dress...

*My toenails are painted a pretty pink...

*I have crazy fun jewelry on...

*I am sportin' the gorgeous flowers...

*I have on some cute little heels to give me a few extra inches...

Upon seeing this picture, the average person would say "Oh wow...Tina is pretty 'girly'..." I guess I would tend to agree that I'm girly because I like pink things, dresses, and flowers. However, over the last 3 or so years I have come to the conclusion that while I am crazy girly in some aspects of my life, I have become crazy WOMANLY in other aspects. Let me tell you about this.

I know several girls, around my age, who got married right out of college. This is a beautiful thing because they fell madly in love with the person that they will spend the rest of their life, at such a young age. The difference between those people and myself is that I have had to learn to do a lot of "things" on my own...things that, to some, would be the "guy's job."

Sometimes when I am doing these jobs I wonder if I am losing some of my femininity or perhaps gaining too much masculinity because I'm doing stuff that other females I know have never experienced, and maybe never WILL experience. For example...

*I found a dead, rotting squirrel on our back patio. I grabbed my trusty shovel and scrapped that insanely heavy critter off the pavement...

*I saw a disgusting centipede and chased that sucker down and hairsprayed it to the ground to kill it...

*I had to trap, kill, and dispose of several filthy mice...

*I had to clean up a shredded bird that was severely chewed--feathers flying everywhere and the head left a few inches from the body...

*I had to attack and clean a creepy basement, gathering spider webs and dust on my face and hair...

The list could go on and on....but I'll stop it there. As I was reflecting on all these "things" I've had to do, I began to realize that not only can I be girly (as the picture would indicate) but that I can be womanly and take care of myself and do these things. Of course when the day comes that I am living with a man who will offer to kill the centipedes for me, I will gladly let him. But as I have had these experiences over the last few years, I am becoming increasingly proud of who I am, and the fact that I can take care of myself.

Long story short...I am WOMAN....hear me ROAR!! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Teachers...OUTSIDE of school..

I think most kids have the impression that their teacher always looks the same, acts the same, talks the same.

If they were to see their teacher outside of school, she would still be wearing kahki pants with a brightly colored cardigan long, straight, and laying neatly on her badge still hanging gently from her neck...voice still sweet and 10 pitches higher than the normal human know, all the things that MAKE a teacher.

It's hard for students to wrap their head around the idea that Ms. Ventura could be drastically different in and outside of school.

To entertain the idea that Ms. Ventura wears skirts above her knees with skinny strap tank tops...that she throws her hair up in a messy point tail or perhaps doesn't even "do" her hair at times...that she hoots and hollers, screams, and can be insanely loud and boisterous from time to time...that would nearly put them into shock.

I used to live in the same city that I teach in and I would always wonder if I was going to see my students....I always wondered if they would pull up in their big Escalde next to my sweet little Malibu Maxx and see me jammin' to the music...or if I would run into them while I was on a date and how I would explain that.

In fact, one time I had just left the gym and needed to make a quick stop at Target. I figured there would be no harm in running in and out and being done. I was wrong. I had my hair up in a high pony tail with a handband pulling all the hair out of my makeup...and a sweaty glow from my earlier exercise. The inevitable happened. I saw one of my kids and his family. There was no point in trying to avoid them because I knew the mom saw me. So I excitedly walked up to them and gave little Johnny a big hug and said hi to all the other family onlookers. Johnny just stared at me. He couldn't stop looking at me. As I was talking to his mother, he quickly interrupted and said, "Ms. look different...are you ok??" I couldn't help by chuckle and then I said, "Oh yes, I'm great...don't I look great?!?" Ha.

The point I'm trying to make here is that kids see you one way and assume you are always that way. Always with a book in my hand...always with a marker for the white board...always with a pair of scissors....

Generally I would say that is NOT true...but as of lately it's been the case due to the quickly approaching start date of school. I've been toting around my laminated papers, scissors, and sharpies and have been going to town any and everywhere I am. So, usually I am not one of those "You can tell she's a teacher" types outside of school, but this weekend, I've been wearing my teacher hat in and OUTSIDE of school.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Keep or Not to Keep...that IS the question!

I was at the Mall of America today because I heard there were great sales at Old additional 50% off Clearance items! Even though I needed nothing, I could not resist going to look.

I stumbled across the dress rack (as I often find myself doing) and found this dress that caught my attention. It's actually my size, pink, purple, and flowery. Cut just above the knee which works great for my height and is flowy and comfortable. Sounds perfect, right? It gets even more perfect...the tag listed the dress at $6.50 which means the grand total (after the additional 50% off) would be 3 dollars and some change. How can you beat that?

I took it into the dressing room to try it on. While I thought the dress style was "cute" I didn't fall totally in love with the dress. Something about it didn't sit well with me.

I'm not sure if it's because it reminds me of a dress I bought back in 7th grade (which, at the time, was pretty dang cute) or if it's because it reminded me of a dress I had seen ladies wear as they drop their babies off in the church nursery back in the day.

Either way I just wasn't sure, but felt like it was way too cheap NOT to purchase. So, purchased it I did. I took it home, and got it out of the bag hoping that my opinion of the dress would have drastically changed in the 13 minutes it took me to get from the mall to my house. This is what I saw when I looked in the mirror...

So you see, its a perfectly nice dress. It fits me well (actually it may be a snippit too big...but they don't carry anything smaller than an XS...), its bright and cheery, it was cheap, and it's a dress (one of my favorite things in the whole world). I keep looking at it, hoping to fall in love, but it has yet to happen.

To keep it or NOT to keep it....that is the question of the hour!

Monday, August 24, 2009


The beauty of my job is that I work (and I work HARD) for 9 months out of the year and then I have 3 glorious months off.

Usually during these summer months I'm frolicking around, sleeping in, traveling the world, and soaking up the sun at the beach. This year, however, has been different, and quality beach time has been merely a twinkle in my eye from time to time. With grad school and my part time nannying, I just haven't had as much of a chance to lounge at the beach as I'd like.

However, I have 1 week left of "vacation"...1 week left of no set schedule...1 week left of staying up late...1 week of left of chance to go to the beach. Since our weather has been crazy here in Minnesota this summer, I've been closely watching the weather forecast for this week as to find the prime time to get out in the sun. I looked online and the forecast alerted me that it would be sunny and near 80 degrees today. PERFECT. I had nothing else on the agenda, so I planned to take a book, my iPod, and spend a few good hours laying in the glorious sun!

I got to Nokomis, and got all situated...had just closed my eyes when I felt a scratch, and a pelt, and another scratch and pelt. These little pieces of annoyance were not seizing. They kept coming. On my arms, on my stomach, on my face...even getting stuck on my lips which had just been lathered with Carmex (as to avoid sunburned lips). I opened my eyes long enough to get a few of those pellets of pain in my eyes and quickly closed them. I decided I was just going to ignore the feeling of what I was soon realized to be sand. I turned up my iPod and was jammin' away to "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" in hopes of drowning out the feeling on my body with the noise in my ear. That plan failed. I couldn't ignore the sand hitting and sticking to my body.

I endured it a bit longer and actually fell asleep when the wind died down, only to be woken up a half hour later by even more sand flying through the air. After realizing the problem wasn't going to stop anytime soon, I decided to pack up and head out of there. The good news is that I got a little bit of sun....the bad news is that I keep finding pieces of sand everywhere, and every so often I close my mouth and hear a crunch from sand that managed it's way into my mouth. Awesome!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blogging from the Kitchen Table

I made a declaration today, that I WAS going to blog.

I say it in my head a lot of days, and then I just always forget to get around to it. It's actually pretty silly because, as mentioned in previous entries, I love why not make this more of a priority. I guess time just slips away, and I find myself doing other equally enjoyable things.

In any case, today, when I was having lunch with some friends I blurted out, "Oh....I'm going to blog today, so check it out..." I don't really know who reads this...I think sometimes I'd like to know who reads it, but at the same time, it's fun not totally knowing because it's a mystery. But, I do know a handful of people who check this out from time to time and some of those people were at lunch. I knew if I said it out loud, I would make it happen, especially with my anxiously awaiting audience at hand.

However, when I made the promise to write, I didn't have anything in particular on my mind. There are tons of things to write about....tons of things to say....lots going on in my mind and heart these days. So how do I narrow it down to one thing at the present moment? That's hard. I decided to blog from the viewpoint of my kitchen table--what it is that I see from here--and see what interesting things I could come up with.

I see...

Dutch Blitz...last night I had some people over and I decided to break out the Dutch Blitz cards. I absolutely LOVE that game. However it is with hesitation that I bring it out because people can get rowdy and its not as enjoyable for some people as it is for others. But, last night I figured I'd give it a whirl. And what a TIME! Something about the speed of the game...the sounds of the hands slamming the cards on the table...the feeling of the cards flying through your's addicting. You want each round to be faster, and louder, and more intense than the round before. I quite thoroughly enjoyed the time and got my Dutch Blitz fill, and will be good if I don't play it for a while now.

The Star Tribune
...I received a voicemail yesterday that said, "Yeah...Tina...go pick up the paper off our front step on Sunday morning. See we get the newspaper delivered to our house and since we won't be there to read it, you take it in and read it at your can keep it. I just don't want it left on the front porch..." A few other words of information and the voicemail was over. About 20 seconds into the voicemail I knew immediately who it was, without ever hearing the person's name. It was my neighbor Pearl who had just left on her journey to South Dakota with her 95 year old husband, Walter. Yes that's elderly neighbors are still making the trek to South Dakota to "vacation" and visit with family and friends. I was in shock when I found out that they were going to be driving to South Dakota because it was only a few short weeks ago that Walter was in the hospital and then nursing home for health issues. They are both pretty "young" for their aging bodies, but driving all that way just seems crazy to me. Walter can barely walk from his couch to the front door, yet he's planning to trade off driving shifts with Pearl during this road trip? YIKES. I love those two people, though. They are incredible and I feel so blessed that we were placed in such close proximity to them. It was definitely God's hand in placing us two houses away as we have been able to bless them with helping out around the house, picking up sticks in the front lawn, and keeping them company....but they have blessed us immensely with their commitment to pray for us, to love us, and to share wisdom from the years with us. I don't know that I've ever been able to say that my neighbor, a retired pastor, prays for me over his daily breakfast and Bible study...until now. I just giggle when I think about the two of them because they are so feisty, but I sit back with a huge sense of peace and blessing to know they are in my life.

A Candle
...Ahhh candles. I love them. I'm pretty picky, though, when it comes to the scent. I'm not a fan of the candles that smell like Grandma's oatmeal cookies...or birthday cakes...or even juicy peaches. Those are just too much for my sniffer. Something that's simple and the smell of fresh linens...or a sweet all time favorite candle is the Tommy Bahama candle that's green (I can't even remember the name now because it's been burnt off through the multiple times I've lit my candle) makes me feel like I'm in some exotic island laying on the beach. The bad news is that I found out that candle scent has been discontinued...I was devastated when I heard the news. The good news is that I have found it to be a fun and exciting process to search for new and enjoyable candle scents...that are CHEAP! Candles are not enjoyable to me if I pay full price for them...they have to be on sale or clearance or else the scent, even if it's amazing, will be unappealing to me.

So there you have it....random thoughts....inspired from my kitchen table :)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Not a lot to say....

I think it's funny how sometimes I can talk like there's no tomorrow, and other times I just don't have a lot to say. It's usually in those times when I don't have a lot to say, that I wish I did.

Right now is one of those times.

Monday, July 27, 2009

traveling pains....


You love it....then you hate it....

I'm sitting on a blue plastic bench which is leaving marks on my uncovered legs if I don't shift my weight every so often. In front of me I see a bright C27 marking the gate in the terminal. To my right is a business man who has thrown any sort of "business" to the wind, and curled up on the bench, shoes off and all. To my left is another man who is clearly unaffected by the bright lights and cold air blowing around this terminal, and is snoring up a storm.

And here I am....

I am about 4 hours short of being up for a day straight...I had a dinner consisting of Chex Mix and contacts are so dry, making for a rather red, blood-shot hair has seen better days...and the filth of the day is starting to build upon my skin.

I am on my way home from Michigan, back to Minneapolis, and got into Chicago to find out my flight was delayed by about 3 hours....a few minutes later I found out the flight was not only delayed, but canceled. The next flight out would be at 6 in the morning. I tried to find a terminal that was secluded and away from most other people, but somehow people found my hidden little secret as there are people right and left.

It's so late that I don't even feel like I'm putting my thoughts together very well...but here I am. Sleepily writing to keep myself busy until it's time to move to the terminal from which I will depart.

The reality is that it could be much worse....I could be stuck on the side of the road somewhere...or I could have gone a few days without a dinner...but for some reason, when things go wrong on a plane/airport, it just seems to feel magnified. You feel that much more tired....that much more dirty...that much more like you would give just about anything to brush your teeth.

For now, I think I'll try to curl back up on my little bench and sleep away another hour....if I can just sleep an hour, I will be making some progress!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Comforting Feeling...

I woke up a few times last night to figure out if I was going to roll off the small twin size bed, and why it was so dark (no city lights)....

I woke up a few times this morning to the sounds of Jay-Z blaring from the bathroom next door, and then TV screaming on volume 25 on the History Channel...

But when as I was laying in bed this morning, trying to convince myself to get up, I couldn't help but notice the comforting feeling it was to be home...

I looked down at the T-Shirt that was I threw on before I went to sleep, which was left on my bed when I arrived extra T-Shirt from my dad's soccer academy...I remember the days when I would get T-Shirt after T-Shirt from the leftovers of his teams. It was a comforting feeling.

I looked around at the bright yellow walls in my bedroom which I painted several years ago...and even though the yellow is so bright and jolting, the familiarity of the color that I woke up to for so many years before is such a comforting feeling.

I could hear the clinking of a spoon on my dad's cup of morning tea. That is such a familiar feeling.

Knowing that I can roll out of bed looking like this and see people that I love so dearly....

now THAT is a comforting feeling!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This makes me HAPPY...

Go to the below link and will surely want to break out into song and dance after seeing it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have a CRUSH

I have a crush....and it's a big one....

My crush looks like this...

And this...

And this...

Have you figured out my crush yet?! Alright...enough of the it is....

It's a wonderfully decorate shelf unit in my family room!! And isn't it a beauty?!

I have been living in this house for a little over a year now (wow, that's a record for me) and the house has been pretty well furnished/decorated for the majority of the time. However, there was this empty little section behind the couch/TV area that really needed something to make it complete.

For a while, I thought maybe it could use a small chair and table...or maybe a tall lamp....but I was not ever fully inspired by those ideas. I wasn't inspired until I went to Philadelphia to visit my dear friend Megan...

I was sitting on Megan's couch as we were waiting to head out for the day when I looked across the room and noticed a few really cute baskets with each of her roommates' names on it. I quickly asked her about the baskets because I was already imagining how they could potentially be used. Much to my delight, it was a mini "mail center" that they had set up. Each person in the house had a basket to stick mail or misc. stuff left around the house. This idea was terribly simple, but insanely perfect for how we could use our space!

I was in TJ Maxx one day roaming around for any good deals and stumbled across some baskets which would be the perfect size for a "mail center"...see, our kitchen table generally looked like a big piece of wood, on four legs, with stacks of mail and ads, and more mail and more ads. The baskets I spotted would be perfect for storing all of the mail that gets delivered to our house daily. I picked up 4 baskets for a grand total of $24....not bad.

A few days later I was in Target getting some toothpaste when I walked by the bookshelves and noticed a nice, sturdy shelf, on sale! It had 3 shelves, was a nice black stain, and looked like it would be just the right size for the wall that was bare. I got the shelf for a grand total of $19.99...even better than the baskets!

Thanks to the help of my friend Jon, the shelf was assembled and put in place in a few short days of the purchase. The baskets were carefully placed, and perfectly fit, on the shelves. I get the top left side, Laurie gets the top left side, Ashely gets bottom left, and Hilary gets bottom right....easy as pie! The beauty of organization was coming together, but it was still missing something!

I tried to "snazz" up the shelf by putting my "Teachers warm the heart" ceramic plate which I got from a student this year. That just wasn't cutting it. I put flowers from a bridal shower, and those added some color, but quickly died. It just needed more. I asked Laurie what she thought about putting on top of the shelf and she suggested a cool mirror....that was IT! It would be a super cool addition/completion to the shelf unit.

We looked online and found a few at IKEA and Craigslist...but nothing worth the money we would be paying for it. Finally, today I was at the Farmer's Market and saw a beautiful bouquet of Snap Dragon flowers and thought maybe they would do the trick since we couldn't find a mirror to work...5 dollars later I walked away with some beautiful flowers that fit perfectly in a vase, on a shelf, against the dark wood. But the mirror....we still lacked the mirror.

On the way home from the gym I decided to swing by the thrift store to see if I could pick up a steal of a deal and a beauty of a mirror. I looked through all the hanging items and saw nothing...until I turned my back and saw this insanely cool mirror hanging on the wall opposite to where I was looking. After much contemplating (and texting Laurie pictures of the mirror) I decided it would fit perfectly into the space we would complete the shelf/space.

I happily set up the mirror and flowers and now can't stop looking at how cool it looks. I seriously have a major crush on the creation of this shelving unit.

Ahhh! It's just perfect!

Monday, July 06, 2009



You're probably thinking "Finally what??"

Well, I'm proud to report that my hair is FINALLY starting to get long-ish....I haven't had my hair cut since February or March because I got sick of it being short. I found myself staring at long, flowy hair styles and daydreaming about the days that my hair used to be like that. I vowed, at that time, to NOT cut my hair until the end of the summer.

Today I realized I was making progress because I can actually braid my hair without most of the hair falling out of the braid (cause it's too short)...

FINALLY I'm on the road to pretty, long hair....until I get sick of it and then chop it off again! :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Oh the joys of nannyhood...TAKE TWO

After I wrote that last post on the blog, I listened to this for a good 20 minutes....

WOW :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Oh the joys of nannyhood...

I'm nannying for a family of 4 today...overnight...sometimes these jobs can get long and trying...but I have to can also be pretty fun...

Friday, June 26, 2009

something about the swiveling of a fan...

It's 9:44 am.

I am on summer vacation.

I'm still wearing my glasses, and my hair is in a crazy nest of a mess.

Currently the windows are open and I can faintly hear the busy traffic that is in the world beyond the walls of my house.

I'm sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of cold water that seems to be perspiring, leaving a tiny puddle beneath the cup.

Above me is the rotating ceiling fan that is gently pushing the cool air back and forth around my body.

There is something about the swiveling of the fan...there is a sense of calm, a sense of refreshment, a sense of renewal.

Recently a friend said to me, " you ever slow down?!" When I heard that, it actually made me take a huge step back and think about it. I love people, and doing things, going places, seeing new things. I definitely love it! But I also love the silence of sitting in my room alone with only the flickering of a candle. I love taking a bike ride or a run all alone, not having to talk to anyone.

I have never wanted to be the kind of person who is never able to step back and slow down. I know a lot of people who are on the go 24/7...and it totally works for them. I have never wanted that, though. For me, if I am like that, I picture a totally crazy, worn down, and not very fun person (I know, already sounds like me, right? :)) Kind of like this picture...

But, I always thought I was good and balancing the activities in my life with the quietness in my life. As of recently, I don't know if I have been doing that. I am on summer vacation and my calendar looks more busy NOW than it did during the school year. That's scary. I have been waking up no later than 8 most mornings, going to the gym, stopping at the beach to do some reading for class, visiting friends, nannying, going to class (5 hours a pop), the list goes on. I haven't been doing as much of the quiet reflection, spending time with God, slowing down, etc.

Today I was planning to get up at 8:30 (a whole half hour later than normal!), go to the gym, swing by the beach again, and then get ready for coffee with a friend and nannying for the rest of the day. But when I woke up this morning, I thought, "Nope...I am gonna slow down..." So I laid back down for a half hour, I slowly woke up, and here I am. It's not 10:05 and I have yet to do anything significant.

It's 10:05 am.

My feet are up.

My ice cold water is slowly disappearing.

The sun is slowly shinning into the front window.

The fan overhead is still rapidly moving.

There is something about the swiveling of that fan......

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My New Alarm Clock....

Since I'm on summer break, I have a little bit of flexibility with my wake up time. Last year I remember sleeping in most days without an alarm...but this year, I decided I should still set an alarm so that I don't feel like I'm wasting my day. Especially with the fact that I'm taking classes and two days a week 5 of my daytime hours are sitting inside, I like the idea of getting up at a decent time and having time to enjoy my time off from work.

In any case, a few times I have not set an alarm in hopes to sleep in a bit...

I woke up one more to a "Tap tap tap" on my window. For some reason I assumed that it was the cord to the blinds that was hitting against my window. You know how the cord to blinds has a little thing on the end and it sometimes hits against the window? That's what it sounded like. Then I realized I don't have blinds so it couldn't be that.

After I heard it a few times I just groaned, and rolled over, planning to go back to sleep.

"Tap tap tap tap tap"...I heard it again!

I decided to open my blinds to figure out what was making the noise. This is what I saw...

In my head I said a few bad words and then out loud growled, "Are you serious??" I decided to tap on the window a few times thinking it would scare the little bird away. Much to my luck, it did not go away. Nope! You know what it did? It started pecking louder.

Since then it's come back 1 or 2 other times...all on days when I do not want to be up early. So lucky me, I have a new alarm clock!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pick up line?!

So I was minding my own business, walking into the library this afternoon...

I was walking alone, towards a group of gentlemen who were doing some landscaping work. I already felt a bit uncomfortable because it was me walking towards a bunch of dudes, which I couldn't have avoided. I just walked, head up, and tried not to make eye contact.

That tactic did not work.

As I got closer, two men branched away from the rest of the group, walking straight towards me.

"You dropped something, Miss..." said one of the guys.

I looked down, assuming that something had fallen out of my oversized and overstuffed purse.

"You dropped my number so you should probably pick it up..."

I was literally confused for a second. Cause when I realized I had not dropped anything, and that he was trying to use a "smooth" pickup line", I also realized that what he said made no sense, and it wasn't even a good line.

He then proceeds to say, " are a very pretty woman...your boyfriend should make sure he says that to you every day, and realize that he's lucky....what nationality are you??"

I didn't want him to know I felt uncomfortable, so I smiled and said, "Oh, I'm Peruvian and well as some other stuff..."

"Well, its working for are really beautiful Miss. Make sure your boyfriend knows that...tell him I said that..." replied the man who was obviously years older than me.

I smiled again, and continued walking.

The latter part of his comments were more flattering than the weird/confusing pick up line he tried to use at first. Pick up lines....who REALLY uses them successfully anyway?!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

50 degrees in June...a normal day in Minnesota

I love Minnesota...a lot, a lot!

I don't, however, love the fact that the weather can be so goofy. Its fun for a time, because it keeps you in suspense and on the edge of your seat..."I wonder if we're going to get snow or 90 degrees today..." But after a while of the back and forth, the ups and downs, the unpredictable factor of the weather is just plain annoying.

Today I woke up to the sound of rain trickling down the side of the house which overjoyed me! I love waking up on a rainy day, especially when it's Saturday. But what I didn't realize was how cold the wet rain would make our city. As I walked outside this morning, the cool air took the breath away from me as I was not expecting to feel 40 degrees rushing across my face.

It's nice to have a refreshing gust of cold air, but I put my winter clothes away a while ago...probably at least a month or more ago. This poses a small problem when the 40 degrees of the morning only warms up the day 10 more degrees and you have no warm clothes available. I had to scrounge around in my drawers and closet and came up with some cropped sweat pants, and a small fleece, along with some argyle socks.

Not much else you can do when it's 50 degrees in June!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maybe I don't like the dark as much as I thought...

I LOVE the least I thought I did...

Most people thought it was slightly weird how much I wanted my room to be dark in college. My roommate and I even pinned up several blankets over our window to create the "cave" effect. There is something about a dark's calm, peaceful...just really nice.

Two mornings ago I woke up to the beeping of my alarm and turned on the small lamp by my bed...that's usually a really easy way to transition from the dark of night to the cruel light of the 5:00 (am) hour. As always, after the lamp was turned on, I made my bed and proceeded to the bathroom to shower. After I was done in the bathroom I came back into my room, as I do every day, and get ready in here. Since I share a bathroom with a few people, we all have found it easier to just get ready in our rooms rather than taking up the bathroom space. In any case, I walked into my room, still grumpy about having to be awake, and flipped on the switch....I saw a flick of light, then dark. I thought (for 2 quick seconds) that maybe I had closed my eyes without realizing because I was so tired. Then I realized I had not closed my eyes....

Maybe I had flipped the switch on and accidentally flipped it back off?! I tried the switch again...NOTHING. My light burnt out! Dang...I didn't exactly have a lot of extra time to just start changing a light bulb, so I pulled all my curtains wide open, and relied on the sun that was starting to shine through the trees to prepare myself for the day. Luckily I'm a creature of habit, so I could probably have gotten ready with the lights off and looked the same as I do every other day...I have the routine down pat!

Well, I went to work, came back home, and realized my light was still burnt out. Again, I needed light, but was running low on time, so I just grabbed a lamp from the living room...

This has now gone on for two days. Every time I come into my room, I automatically turn on my light, as if it were going to magically come back on...and every time I let out a quiet "Ughhh..." because of the inconvenience that this lack of light is leaving me with. You'd think I would just change the bulb and be over with it...but the best part of the story is that I'm TOO stinkin short to change I don't have a choice but to endure a room without light.

So here I am, sitting in the dark...and normally I would totally eat this up...the chance to just sit in the peaceful, calm darkness. But now that I don't have the ability to turn on my light, it's getting rather old. Maybe I really don't like dark as much as I thought....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another one...

I got another one while I was in Philly...

Can you guess what "it" is?! Take a look....

Any ideas?!

Well if you're not's another swimsuit! Oh my gosh. I cannot get enough of them. They are so cute and fun! I think the problem is that when I see a new swimsuit, it makes me think of the summer, and the glorious sun, and how much I love being outside, and buying a new one is almost a way to celebrate all of that :)

I know it's out of control...but I did buy ANOTHER ONE!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Opps I did it AGAIN!

Recognize those lyrics!?

Most of you will think of the Britney Spears song...

For me, I think about the fact that I have gone over a month without blogging. I always say I'm going to "get back into the routine" and then I always slack. Ugh! It's really quite annoying. And I am the only one to blame.

Here's to starting over....again!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Smells so GOOD!

Ok...I realize this is really weird, but...

We have this handsoap in the bathroom that smells SO good. Its from Bath and Bodyworks and usually that stuff is just too much for me. This, however, oh my gosh! It's smells SO good! It's some sort of coconut scent and looks like this...

In any case, the soap part is not weird. Here it comes....

Every night before I go to bed, I wash my hands for the specific purpose of having the coconut smell lingering on my hands once I jump into bed. See, I generally sleep with my hands near my face so if I wash my hands before I go to bed, I am lulled to sleep by the incredible coconut scent!

I know, I'm weird...but it just smells so darn good!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Up from the gave HE rose!

There in the ground His body lay,
Light of the world by darkness slain;
Then bursting forth in glorious day,
Up from the grave He rose again!
And as He stands in victory,
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me;
For I am His and He is mine—
Bought with the precious blood of Christ.

Happy Resurrection Day!

Lyrics taken from "In Christ Alone"