Wednesday, January 28, 2009

kids and their AnTiCs...

I love my job....

But I'm not going to students are nuts! It's really what keeps work amusing and lively, for sure...but sometimes I am left in awe of some of the things I see and hear throughout the day....

Here's a small sampling of these kid antics from the last few days....


"Ms. Ventura...."


"How many pounds are you?"

-That's a personal question, Sashmitaa...

"Are you 80 pounds?", no....


-No, I'm actually zero pounds

"What?? Hey guys....Ms. Ventura is 0 pounds..."

Laughter erupts and I walk away thinking my gym membership is really paying off!


"Hey Ms. Ventura....when you finally get married and have a baby, you should turn to Channel 23....wait, is it, it's 23....yeah, I'm pretty sure it's 23....well, anyway, when you get married and have a baby, you should turn to channel 23 on Saturday mornings around, around 7...actually, no 8 is fine....yeah, turn to channel 23 on Saturday mornings at 8 when you are married and have kids....there are some really awesome cartoons on at that time..."

-Well, what if I want to watch them now?

" really should wait until you're married and have you should hurry up so you can finally watch the cartoons..."


"Ms. Ventura, Preetham is making fun of you..."

-What do you mean he's making fun of me??

"He's saying things that are not so nice..."

*I walk over to Preetham*

-Preetham, Keshav just told me you were not saying kind things about me....what were you saying??

"Well...I don't know...."

-Preetham, it's not very respectful to talk about people and to make them feel badly...what did you say?

"Well, I just said that you went to your boyfriends house...."

-That's it? That's what you said?

"Yeah....I won't talk about you and your boyfriend anymore..."

He walks away and I wonder where in the world he got that idea from...surely not me!


"Ms. Ventura, did you have zits when you were younger??"

-That's an interesting question....

"Cause I had some...but I fixed them....I can't wait to get more like teenagers..."


We were walking back from lunch so the kids were carrying their coats/snowpants. One of the little guys walks into the classroom with his coat in between his legs....

"Ms. Ventura....I'm having a baby and it's coming out the wrong end, right??...."

**I just looked at him, and bit my tongue...The wrong end?? What end does he THINK it comes out of??

-Well Parker, you'll have to ask your parents about that one....


AND, even I say some wacky things at I was reading from the book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"

I got to the 2nd to last page and read, "My mom was too hot, I got soap in my eyes..."

My MOM was too hot??! Where the heck did that come from?! All the kids with older siblings giggled because I said a "mom was too hot"....I just kept right on reading :)


I'm telling you....these AnTiCs are daily....and generally pretty hilarious....keeps me on my toes for sure!

Sleepless Sleeping....

Long story short:

I picked up a nanny job for the past few days immediately following work, overnight, and in the mornings (before work)...

4 kids plus 1 that is sick.....makes for some SLEEPLESS SLEEPING.

I was running around the house last night getting snacks in back packs, basketball clothes in gym bags, snowpants laid out, and library books found from a pile of books. That simply means I didn't get into bed until around 12:30 where I found myself laying awake, unable to sleep. even though my body was so exhausted I could barely handle it.

I finally fell asleep around 1 am when I opened my eyes cause I felt like someone was in the room...

I open my eyes and there stands the sick one....he can't stop coughing....we get him some meds and I put him back to bed....I fall asleep and 30 minutes later, same thing....he was standing over my bed....I get him a different med and try to convince him to sleep, but he wants to sleep in the bed I'm sleeping I get the boot and head to the couch.

Fall asleep one more time and then the youngest starts crying...I get up and get change her diaper and put her back to sleep....

I rolled back to the couch around 3 something just long enough to sleep for 2 1/2 hours before my alarm goes off.

Needless to say, I had one crazy sleepLESS sleeping experience!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I think I should go into business...

Check this picture out....

In the event that you can't figure out what it is (other than a largely colored picture), check this one out...

Still not sure?? Let me tell you....

This is a GIANT card that I made for some para's at school (it's a thank you card from all the 3rd grade students)...I traced the picture from a projector screen, colored it in, made the lettering, and inserted the clever wording on the inside (note...our theme is "Jungle")...

I am seriously considering going into the handmade, GIANT card making business!

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

My undergrad schooling has come and gone....and there were many fun memories that accompanied those 4 years of my life...

1. Christmas Caroling around campus and getting some very grumpy responses (including one big "SHHH" by the library assistant)

2. Staying up way too late and waking up for class, only to count down the hours until a nap would be feasible.

3. Random road trips to Chicago, Iowa, and random little places in Minnesota.

4. "Holiday" Runs to the local Holiday Station to grab junk food consisting of chips, candy, and power drinks.

I think the last, of those listed, was the most frequent and enjoyable memories....we merely had to throw on a coat (despite what frumpy clothes you were wearing), jump in a car, drive about a mile down the road, and pop out to browse the Holiday Gas Station selection! It was an awesome way to slip away from studies, campus, and people (if needed).

Alas, undergrad schooling was done and Holiday Runs were few and far between.

HOWEVER, as of a week ago, Laurie (my roommie) and I both started back to Grad School. Back to classes...back to notes...back to studying. The anticipation and fun of the next two years is more than I can barely handle (please note the sarcasm there).

In any case, Laurie and I were sitting around this evening and thinking about the fact that we're both back in school....and figured it was about time for a "Holiday" run. The only glitch in the program is that there are no Holiday stations around here. SO, we resorted to a SuperAmerica (SA) run. It was beautiful. We wore our most mismatched clothes, hopped in our sweet ride, and grabbed a frozen pizza, sherbet, and Sprite. The SA run was a success!

Cheers to our future SA (grad school) runs!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lucky Dime...Lucky 2009!

I love that my family has so many "cultural" traditions...

From celebrating Christmas at midnight (well into the week hours of the night) to having a hard boiled Easter egg cracking contest. Whatever the tradition is, I am so thankful to have grown up with these traditions because they have definitely created and left me with some very fond memories!

However, the one that I ALWAYS anticipate the most is the Greek tradition of the New Years cake with a lucky dime baked inside. May sound a little weird, but check out this link to get some more insight on this tradition:

The idea of the tradition is to make this "New Years" cake, throw in a dime into the cake batter, bake it, and then serve a piece to everyone in the family. As you are eating the cake, if you find the dime in your piece, it is said that you are to have luck for the year.

With our family, since it is so big, and nearly impossible to get EVERYONE together to bake and eat the cake together, my Grandma bakes the cake for us. Then she cuts it into pieces, labeling each piece with the name of everyone in our entire extended family. And because we do have a big fam, this means that there is a LOT of cake! I just found out that my Grandma generally makes the cake, digs around for the dime, and then throws out all but a few pieces that she enjoys for herself :)

SO when I was home over Christmas break I was telling my family how I am now 25 years old...I have been alive for a quarter of a century...and I have yet to get the dime in the New Year's cake. What is wrong with THAT picture? A lot....and it could explain a lot :)

Anyway, bright and early on January 1, 2009 (8:30 AM!!!!) I got a phone call from my Grandma. I selfishly pressed "mute" because I had only been in bed for 4 hours prior to that phone call, so a few seconds later a voicemail alert rang on my phone. I grumpily picked up my phone and listened to the voicemail....much to my surprise and excitement, my Grandma told me that I got the LUCKY dime in my piece of cake this year!!!!

That means that either all of my complaining (about not getting the dime yet) pushed my Grandma to rigging the cake, OR luck is on my side this year....I'm gonna bank on the second of the two options....

Lucky dime in 2009....bring it ON :)