Wednesday, January 28, 2009

kids and their AnTiCs...

I love my job....

But I'm not going to students are nuts! It's really what keeps work amusing and lively, for sure...but sometimes I am left in awe of some of the things I see and hear throughout the day....

Here's a small sampling of these kid antics from the last few days....


"Ms. Ventura...."


"How many pounds are you?"

-That's a personal question, Sashmitaa...

"Are you 80 pounds?", no....


-No, I'm actually zero pounds

"What?? Hey guys....Ms. Ventura is 0 pounds..."

Laughter erupts and I walk away thinking my gym membership is really paying off!


"Hey Ms. Ventura....when you finally get married and have a baby, you should turn to Channel 23....wait, is it, it's 23....yeah, I'm pretty sure it's 23....well, anyway, when you get married and have a baby, you should turn to channel 23 on Saturday mornings around, around 7...actually, no 8 is fine....yeah, turn to channel 23 on Saturday mornings at 8 when you are married and have kids....there are some really awesome cartoons on at that time..."

-Well, what if I want to watch them now?

" really should wait until you're married and have you should hurry up so you can finally watch the cartoons..."


"Ms. Ventura, Preetham is making fun of you..."

-What do you mean he's making fun of me??

"He's saying things that are not so nice..."

*I walk over to Preetham*

-Preetham, Keshav just told me you were not saying kind things about me....what were you saying??

"Well...I don't know...."

-Preetham, it's not very respectful to talk about people and to make them feel badly...what did you say?

"Well, I just said that you went to your boyfriends house...."

-That's it? That's what you said?

"Yeah....I won't talk about you and your boyfriend anymore..."

He walks away and I wonder where in the world he got that idea from...surely not me!


"Ms. Ventura, did you have zits when you were younger??"

-That's an interesting question....

"Cause I had some...but I fixed them....I can't wait to get more like teenagers..."


We were walking back from lunch so the kids were carrying their coats/snowpants. One of the little guys walks into the classroom with his coat in between his legs....

"Ms. Ventura....I'm having a baby and it's coming out the wrong end, right??...."

**I just looked at him, and bit my tongue...The wrong end?? What end does he THINK it comes out of??

-Well Parker, you'll have to ask your parents about that one....


AND, even I say some wacky things at I was reading from the book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"

I got to the 2nd to last page and read, "My mom was too hot, I got soap in my eyes..."

My MOM was too hot??! Where the heck did that come from?! All the kids with older siblings giggled because I said a "mom was too hot"....I just kept right on reading :)


I'm telling you....these AnTiCs are daily....and generally pretty hilarious....keeps me on my toes for sure!

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