Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lucky Dime...Lucky 2009!

I love that my family has so many "cultural" traditions...

From celebrating Christmas at midnight (well into the week hours of the night) to having a hard boiled Easter egg cracking contest. Whatever the tradition is, I am so thankful to have grown up with these traditions because they have definitely created and left me with some very fond memories!

However, the one that I ALWAYS anticipate the most is the Greek tradition of the New Years cake with a lucky dime baked inside. May sound a little weird, but check out this link to get some more insight on this tradition:

The idea of the tradition is to make this "New Years" cake, throw in a dime into the cake batter, bake it, and then serve a piece to everyone in the family. As you are eating the cake, if you find the dime in your piece, it is said that you are to have luck for the year.

With our family, since it is so big, and nearly impossible to get EVERYONE together to bake and eat the cake together, my Grandma bakes the cake for us. Then she cuts it into pieces, labeling each piece with the name of everyone in our entire extended family. And because we do have a big fam, this means that there is a LOT of cake! I just found out that my Grandma generally makes the cake, digs around for the dime, and then throws out all but a few pieces that she enjoys for herself :)

SO when I was home over Christmas break I was telling my family how I am now 25 years old...I have been alive for a quarter of a century...and I have yet to get the dime in the New Year's cake. What is wrong with THAT picture? A lot....and it could explain a lot :)

Anyway, bright and early on January 1, 2009 (8:30 AM!!!!) I got a phone call from my Grandma. I selfishly pressed "mute" because I had only been in bed for 4 hours prior to that phone call, so a few seconds later a voicemail alert rang on my phone. I grumpily picked up my phone and listened to the voicemail....much to my surprise and excitement, my Grandma told me that I got the LUCKY dime in my piece of cake this year!!!!

That means that either all of my complaining (about not getting the dime yet) pushed my Grandma to rigging the cake, OR luck is on my side this year....I'm gonna bank on the second of the two options....

Lucky dime in 2009....bring it ON :)

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