Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

My undergrad schooling has come and gone....and there were many fun memories that accompanied those 4 years of my life...

1. Christmas Caroling around campus and getting some very grumpy responses (including one big "SHHH" by the library assistant)

2. Staying up way too late and waking up for class, only to count down the hours until a nap would be feasible.

3. Random road trips to Chicago, Iowa, and random little places in Minnesota.

4. "Holiday" Runs to the local Holiday Station to grab junk food consisting of chips, candy, and power drinks.

I think the last, of those listed, was the most frequent and enjoyable memories....we merely had to throw on a coat (despite what frumpy clothes you were wearing), jump in a car, drive about a mile down the road, and pop out to browse the Holiday Gas Station selection! It was an awesome way to slip away from studies, campus, and people (if needed).

Alas, undergrad schooling was done and Holiday Runs were few and far between.

HOWEVER, as of a week ago, Laurie (my roommie) and I both started back to Grad School. Back to classes...back to notes...back to studying. The anticipation and fun of the next two years is more than I can barely handle (please note the sarcasm there).

In any case, Laurie and I were sitting around this evening and thinking about the fact that we're both back in school....and figured it was about time for a "Holiday" run. The only glitch in the program is that there are no Holiday stations around here. SO, we resorted to a SuperAmerica (SA) run. It was beautiful. We wore our most mismatched clothes, hopped in our sweet ride, and grabbed a frozen pizza, sherbet, and Sprite. The SA run was a success!

Cheers to our future SA (grad school) runs!

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