Sunday, March 22, 2009

Deep thoughts...from the shower!

Oh the things that run through my mind during a Sunday shower...

So I was taking a shower this morning, as I do on a very regular basis, but this morning I was in a shower that had some water collecting in the bottom of the tub. Not a big deal, but it made my mind start wandering...

When I saw the water from the shower head coming out, it reminded me of the water that falls from the sky, or as I just recently taught my students, precipitation. Then I was watching the water pool in the bottom of the tub and thought about how water that sits in a body of water will evaporate when heated by the sun...all of these things lead me to remember the entirety of the water cycle because it was a unit that we just finished in third grade world.

In any case I was thinking about the water cycle, I was realizing the complexity of it. When I teach the water cycle to my students, its very simple. 3 steps. Precipitation, evaporation, condensation. Easy as that. But when I stopped to think about about it, I was in awe of the fact that our water does not go away, rather changes forms. The fact that there was this system, so perfectly designed for our benefit, for our survival just struck me in a new way this morning.

And for visual purposes....a great example of water and the beauty of creation (and for those of you who don't know...this is the waterfall I climbed through last summer in Honduras...holy cow!)

Getting back to the point...I realized the greatness of the creation of our earth...of our existence, but it's not that often that I realize this greatness. Understanding the details, and complexity of so many things in our lives makes me wonder how anyone could question the existence of God.

...When I stop to think about how our bodies were created with veins to carry blood, in a certain quantity, to certain parts of our body I am in awe!

...When I realize that the beauty of the mountains and oceans were created with such specific purpose, I am in awe!

...When I see a woman that is pregnant and hours later see the child in her arms (a human being coming out of another human being), I am in awe!

I could go on and on, but I when I think about these things, I just pray that others can see and understand who this perfect Creator is and what His existence means to us. Wow!

In any case, if you ever need to do some deep thinking, take a will be sure to help!

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