Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In and Out

I feel like I am in and out of this "blogging" trend...and that annoys me!

I wish I was more consistent with my blogging because it does a number of things for me:

1. It relaxes me...I love writing and this is a way to simply unwind. By not blogging I can tell I am not doing nearly enough relaxing.

2. It reminds me...after I blog, I will often times read back over my posts weeks, months, or years later. I love being able to read my thoughts at that moment in time and to either laugh or appreciate them!

3. It connects me...being that I live so far from home, I know that blogging does keep me connected and in "touch" with those people who I don't get to see daily.

I could go on, but I won't...for your sake! I love blogging and need to get into a better routine of writing...even if it's nothing significant...the point is just to write. Right?! I think part of the problem is that I tend to "blog" on Facebook and it seems so complicated to transfer text/pictures from there, to this blogspot. It's not, it just takes some time.

In any case, I'm back. I am going to make a personal goal to blog between 4 and 5 times per week...you may get a big old blog, you may get a 2 liner...either way, I want to be more consistent about it! Hold me to it....

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