Saturday, March 21, 2009

why today????

It's GORGEOUS outside...a crisp and sunny 50 degree Saturday...not a cloud in the sky!

You'd think I'd be outside enjoying the day...maybe a jog, or a bike ride...even just walking around and enjoying the shops down the block.

Alas, I am sitting in the library, in a small little cubicle desk, doing research...reading....highlighting...and writing a paper (side note: the paper itself isn't so bad...I'm enjoying the's the dang APA format that is making me grumpy).

All I want is to be frolicking around town in springtime bliss, but I'm doing homework....WHY TODAY????

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moree said...

I used to hate APA format too, in undergrad, but after maybe the millionth time using it, I can't remember how my life was pre-APA. Interesting stuff, Tina.