Friday, April 10, 2009

Dialogues...with 3rd Graders...

Can't resist posting a few hilarious dialogues that have occurred in 3rd grade over the last week...

We play a game called "Magic Scrap" where the kid have to silently pick up scraps around the room hoping that it's the "MAGIC" scrap. I have one scrap picked out and whoever picks THAT scrap is the winner. After the room is cleaned up, the kids go to their seats and I give them clues about who the winner is...

Ms. Ventura: "The winner of magic scrap is someone who is not a female..."

Cade: "What is a female?"

Misc Kid: "You know...the ones that cook all day..."


We were in the computer lab working on a PowerPoint presentation when a few of the boys come running up to me frantically...

Boys: Ms. Ventura! Preetham said a bad word!

Me: Are you sure it was a bad word?

Boys: It was the "S-H-I-T" word...

So I call Preetham over to where I'm standing so we can talk privaetly.

Me: Preetham, the boys are saying you used an inappropriate word. Is that true?

Preetham: No...I didn't say anything bad...

Me: Then why did they say that you did?

Preetham: I think they heard the computer wrong...the computer must have made a noise that sounded like a bad word...

Preetham proceeds to walk back to his computer and I follow

Me: I don't think that the computer would talk...and the computer would for sure not say a bad word...

Preetham: Well...I was trying to do something on my PowerPoint and I said "Dang"...and the other kids thought I said "Shit"

All the children gasp

Me: Preetham...

Preetham: No, I said dang and they said I said "Shit"...

Kids gasp again!

Kids: just said the bad word like 2 more times...stop saying it...

Oh boy! It was hard for me NOT to laugh at that one. I finally asked if he was telling the truth. I told him if he was, I would believe him, but that I would feel really sad if he was lying to me. With tears in his eyes, he said, "Yes...I'm telling the truth..." I walked away and left it at that!


We have Jokes/Riddles during our Sharing time on Fridays.

Shriya: What did the muffin say to the other muffin in the oven?

Guesser #1: You're cooking?!

Guesser #2: You smell good?!

Shriya: You're HOT

And then the class erupts into some extremely uncomfortable laughter. They don't quite get what "You're hot" means, but they know it's silly...


We have a class Twitter page that the kids update daily about what we're doing in class. Good way to keep parents in the loop of what goes on during our day. It was Cael's turn to post and he writes:

We are having our snack break boo sah

Cael: Can I write that?

Me: Boo Sah? What does that mean?

Cael: Ohhh. I meant to write Boo Yah!

Me: OH YES. That is very ok to write.

What kid in 3rd grade (now) knows the phrase "Boo Yah!?"


We were working on Language Arts earlier this week when it was sunny and beautiful outside. I told the kids if they could work really well, I'd have a surprise for them at the end of the day.

It was about 2:10 (20 minutes before we clean up to go home) and I grabbed a grammar worksheet and passed it out to the kids.

Ms. Ventura: Ok kids...guess what?? THIS is your surprise! GRAMMAR!!!!!!


Ms. Ventura: What do you mean no?? Grammar is such a fun surprise...

At this point I noticed a little girl not just tearing up...but sobbing...

Ms. Ventura: Maddie, what's wrong?!!?

Maddie: You said we would have a surprise...

Ms. Ventura: I did! And SURPRISE....grammar work!

Maddie: That is NOT a good surprise!

Ms. Ventura: Oh kids...I'm being sarcastic, we're going to go outside. Do you know what sarcastic means?!

They stared at me blankly...I moved on and just took them outside :)


Gotta love this job :)

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