Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Look at Biking--Minneapolis vs Fort Lauderdale

Since I've been on Fort Lauderdale this week without a car, I've been using alternative modes of transportation. Namely walking and biking. Since it's much quicker to bike places, I've been biking more than walking and it has reminded me how much I love biking to get somewhere.

However, while it's been awesome to feel the wind flowing through my hair and the breeze gently stroking my face, biking this week has also given me a chance to take a look at the difference between biking in Fort Lauderdale verses biking in Minneapolis, hence the blog!

Fort Lauderdale...


-You can bike almost any month of the year
-You can get a little bit of sun while getting your daily exercise
-You can get away with biking in your swimsuit and coverup
-You can't get more than a few yards away before breaking out in a sweat...a good sweat is awesome sometimes
-You are going "Green" by not using gasoline!


-You have to worry about running over a lizard
-The drivers here at crazy and don't care if you have the right of way
-There aren't bike "trails" or even decent bike lanes
-The people here are not so friendly and shout mean things at you if they think you are in their way
-You can't get more than a few yards away before breaking out in a sweat
-The humidity out does a number on your hair as the wind blows it around
-The tops of your hands can get burnt from exposure to the sun beating down straight on them



-Minneapolis has an incredible biking system with trails and bike ways
-You can enjoy riding your bike comfortably for 7 months of the year (minus Nov-March)
-You have the beauty of the lakes to enjoy as you bike in the cities
-People are friendly and smile at you when you pass them on the trails or if they pass you on the hollering at you
-You can get in a good exercise while doing something really fun and enjoyable
-It is a free activity/outing to do with a group of friends
-You are going "Green" by not using gasoline!


-If you biked in your swimsuit and cover up, people would stare at you like you were disgusting
-When you think winter is over, and it's safe to get out the bike, it snows again
-You have to worry about running over a squirrel

There you have it. Biking in Fort Lauderdale may be way more enjoyable for some people, but for me...I'll stick to biking in my lovely city of Minneapolis. And now you have taken a look at biking--Minneapolis and Fort Laud edition!

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