Thursday, April 02, 2009

A mystery I don't care to figure out...

I am still in Fort Laud (last night) and I'm here on my own! Darcy left yesterday evening and so I've been chillin at a hotel last night and today.

Because the hotel offers a continental breakfast, I figured I would eat a "good" breakfast in the morning, and then skip lunch and find something to eat this evening...

I set out on my journey to find some grub to eat that was close enough to walk to and was successful, rather quickly. I was standing at the register and getting ready to pay for my sub. The lady at the register asked me "Do you want a drink wi....." and then stopped. She looked straight to my right and I was thoroughly confused (and perhaps a bit concerned) at her expression. She stopped mid sentence, and grew this look of horror on her face. The horror then turned to shock and then to amusement. She started laughing and I was still confused, just looking over my shoulder trying to understand the situation.

I finally asked her if everything was ok and then she said, "Yeah...ummm....hmmmm....should I....this is weird....oh man....hahaha...." You get the picture. She couldn't formulate words or sentences and I was still so confused. Finally she was able to tell me that two people went into the "Women's" restroom...except she was almost confident that one was NOT a women. She ran back to tell her manager, came back and took my money!

I walked out the door and the bathroom mystery still remains....and I don't care to know or figure it out!

(Doesn't this picture remind you of a mystery person?!)

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