Thursday, April 09, 2009

So Flo Spring Break!

I was lucky enough to head to SO FLO (South Florida) with Darcy for my Spring Break! It was a lovely get away with great company and awesome weather!

To start off my trip, of course I needed to have the proper beach attire. So shopping I the little store on the beach. I took a whole slue of outrageous cover-ups and shirts into the dressing room because Darcy and I were going to poke fun at the clothing...the lady at the store caught on and was watching us like a hawk!

So happy to be in Florida I could just jump and click my heels...and I did!

We spent a lot of fun times at cute little eating a pizza shop in the beach that is open 24/7...stinkin good pizza! And a beach cafe with great drinks and crazy old ladies dancing!

We spent even more time frolicking on the and night!

Not only did we catch the rays...but we did a whole bunch of random fun things including shopping at Fort Laud's "mega" type mall (nothing compared to the Mall of America), gambling a free $25 at the Hard Rock Cafe Casino (compliments of the casino), listening to live music outside, watching the sun rise, biking to and fro, and taking tons of great pictures!

All in all, it was a fabulous trip! A much needed get away and a lovely week spent with my dear friend Darcy while regaining some much needed Vitamin C in my life! On my way back to Minneapolis I had a lay over in Detroit so my wonderful family met me for lunch at good old Bob Evans....can't beat that! Then when I arrived back in Minneapolis, my little brother Tony was in town visiting so I got to hang out with him and his friend (and baby) for a few days...

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