Thursday, June 25, 2009

My New Alarm Clock....

Since I'm on summer break, I have a little bit of flexibility with my wake up time. Last year I remember sleeping in most days without an alarm...but this year, I decided I should still set an alarm so that I don't feel like I'm wasting my day. Especially with the fact that I'm taking classes and two days a week 5 of my daytime hours are sitting inside, I like the idea of getting up at a decent time and having time to enjoy my time off from work.

In any case, a few times I have not set an alarm in hopes to sleep in a bit...

I woke up one more to a "Tap tap tap" on my window. For some reason I assumed that it was the cord to the blinds that was hitting against my window. You know how the cord to blinds has a little thing on the end and it sometimes hits against the window? That's what it sounded like. Then I realized I don't have blinds so it couldn't be that.

After I heard it a few times I just groaned, and rolled over, planning to go back to sleep.

"Tap tap tap tap tap"...I heard it again!

I decided to open my blinds to figure out what was making the noise. This is what I saw...

In my head I said a few bad words and then out loud growled, "Are you serious??" I decided to tap on the window a few times thinking it would scare the little bird away. Much to my luck, it did not go away. Nope! You know what it did? It started pecking louder.

Since then it's come back 1 or 2 other times...all on days when I do not want to be up early. So lucky me, I have a new alarm clock!

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