Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pick up line?!

So I was minding my own business, walking into the library this afternoon...

I was walking alone, towards a group of gentlemen who were doing some landscaping work. I already felt a bit uncomfortable because it was me walking towards a bunch of dudes, which I couldn't have avoided. I just walked, head up, and tried not to make eye contact.

That tactic did not work.

As I got closer, two men branched away from the rest of the group, walking straight towards me.

"You dropped something, Miss..." said one of the guys.

I looked down, assuming that something had fallen out of my oversized and overstuffed purse.

"You dropped my number so you should probably pick it up..."

I was literally confused for a second. Cause when I realized I had not dropped anything, and that he was trying to use a "smooth" pickup line", I also realized that what he said made no sense, and it wasn't even a good line.

He then proceeds to say, " are a very pretty woman...your boyfriend should make sure he says that to you every day, and realize that he's lucky....what nationality are you??"

I didn't want him to know I felt uncomfortable, so I smiled and said, "Oh, I'm Peruvian and well as some other stuff..."

"Well, its working for are really beautiful Miss. Make sure your boyfriend knows that...tell him I said that..." replied the man who was obviously years older than me.

I smiled again, and continued walking.

The latter part of his comments were more flattering than the weird/confusing pick up line he tried to use at first. Pick up lines....who REALLY uses them successfully anyway?!

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moree said...

Tina, I thought the same thing when I first met you- that you are very beautiful, were from some very exotic place, or a mix of two ethnicities- only to realize you're from Michigan! Anyway, you're still fly- can't knock that!