Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blogging from the Kitchen Table

I made a declaration today, that I WAS going to blog.

I say it in my head a lot of days, and then I just always forget to get around to it. It's actually pretty silly because, as mentioned in previous entries, I love why not make this more of a priority. I guess time just slips away, and I find myself doing other equally enjoyable things.

In any case, today, when I was having lunch with some friends I blurted out, "Oh....I'm going to blog today, so check it out..." I don't really know who reads this...I think sometimes I'd like to know who reads it, but at the same time, it's fun not totally knowing because it's a mystery. But, I do know a handful of people who check this out from time to time and some of those people were at lunch. I knew if I said it out loud, I would make it happen, especially with my anxiously awaiting audience at hand.

However, when I made the promise to write, I didn't have anything in particular on my mind. There are tons of things to write about....tons of things to say....lots going on in my mind and heart these days. So how do I narrow it down to one thing at the present moment? That's hard. I decided to blog from the viewpoint of my kitchen table--what it is that I see from here--and see what interesting things I could come up with.

I see...

Dutch Blitz...last night I had some people over and I decided to break out the Dutch Blitz cards. I absolutely LOVE that game. However it is with hesitation that I bring it out because people can get rowdy and its not as enjoyable for some people as it is for others. But, last night I figured I'd give it a whirl. And what a TIME! Something about the speed of the game...the sounds of the hands slamming the cards on the table...the feeling of the cards flying through your's addicting. You want each round to be faster, and louder, and more intense than the round before. I quite thoroughly enjoyed the time and got my Dutch Blitz fill, and will be good if I don't play it for a while now.

The Star Tribune
...I received a voicemail yesterday that said, "Yeah...Tina...go pick up the paper off our front step on Sunday morning. See we get the newspaper delivered to our house and since we won't be there to read it, you take it in and read it at your can keep it. I just don't want it left on the front porch..." A few other words of information and the voicemail was over. About 20 seconds into the voicemail I knew immediately who it was, without ever hearing the person's name. It was my neighbor Pearl who had just left on her journey to South Dakota with her 95 year old husband, Walter. Yes that's elderly neighbors are still making the trek to South Dakota to "vacation" and visit with family and friends. I was in shock when I found out that they were going to be driving to South Dakota because it was only a few short weeks ago that Walter was in the hospital and then nursing home for health issues. They are both pretty "young" for their aging bodies, but driving all that way just seems crazy to me. Walter can barely walk from his couch to the front door, yet he's planning to trade off driving shifts with Pearl during this road trip? YIKES. I love those two people, though. They are incredible and I feel so blessed that we were placed in such close proximity to them. It was definitely God's hand in placing us two houses away as we have been able to bless them with helping out around the house, picking up sticks in the front lawn, and keeping them company....but they have blessed us immensely with their commitment to pray for us, to love us, and to share wisdom from the years with us. I don't know that I've ever been able to say that my neighbor, a retired pastor, prays for me over his daily breakfast and Bible study...until now. I just giggle when I think about the two of them because they are so feisty, but I sit back with a huge sense of peace and blessing to know they are in my life.

A Candle
...Ahhh candles. I love them. I'm pretty picky, though, when it comes to the scent. I'm not a fan of the candles that smell like Grandma's oatmeal cookies...or birthday cakes...or even juicy peaches. Those are just too much for my sniffer. Something that's simple and the smell of fresh linens...or a sweet all time favorite candle is the Tommy Bahama candle that's green (I can't even remember the name now because it's been burnt off through the multiple times I've lit my candle) makes me feel like I'm in some exotic island laying on the beach. The bad news is that I found out that candle scent has been discontinued...I was devastated when I heard the news. The good news is that I have found it to be a fun and exciting process to search for new and enjoyable candle scents...that are CHEAP! Candles are not enjoyable to me if I pay full price for them...they have to be on sale or clearance or else the scent, even if it's amazing, will be unappealing to me.

So there you have it....random thoughts....inspired from my kitchen table :)

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