Monday, August 24, 2009


The beauty of my job is that I work (and I work HARD) for 9 months out of the year and then I have 3 glorious months off.

Usually during these summer months I'm frolicking around, sleeping in, traveling the world, and soaking up the sun at the beach. This year, however, has been different, and quality beach time has been merely a twinkle in my eye from time to time. With grad school and my part time nannying, I just haven't had as much of a chance to lounge at the beach as I'd like.

However, I have 1 week left of "vacation"...1 week left of no set schedule...1 week left of staying up late...1 week of left of chance to go to the beach. Since our weather has been crazy here in Minnesota this summer, I've been closely watching the weather forecast for this week as to find the prime time to get out in the sun. I looked online and the forecast alerted me that it would be sunny and near 80 degrees today. PERFECT. I had nothing else on the agenda, so I planned to take a book, my iPod, and spend a few good hours laying in the glorious sun!

I got to Nokomis, and got all situated...had just closed my eyes when I felt a scratch, and a pelt, and another scratch and pelt. These little pieces of annoyance were not seizing. They kept coming. On my arms, on my stomach, on my face...even getting stuck on my lips which had just been lathered with Carmex (as to avoid sunburned lips). I opened my eyes long enough to get a few of those pellets of pain in my eyes and quickly closed them. I decided I was just going to ignore the feeling of what I was soon realized to be sand. I turned up my iPod and was jammin' away to "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" in hopes of drowning out the feeling on my body with the noise in my ear. That plan failed. I couldn't ignore the sand hitting and sticking to my body.

I endured it a bit longer and actually fell asleep when the wind died down, only to be woken up a half hour later by even more sand flying through the air. After realizing the problem wasn't going to stop anytime soon, I decided to pack up and head out of there. The good news is that I got a little bit of sun....the bad news is that I keep finding pieces of sand everywhere, and every so often I close my mouth and hear a crunch from sand that managed it's way into my mouth. Awesome!

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