Saturday, August 29, 2009

Teachers...OUTSIDE of school..

I think most kids have the impression that their teacher always looks the same, acts the same, talks the same.

If they were to see their teacher outside of school, she would still be wearing kahki pants with a brightly colored cardigan long, straight, and laying neatly on her badge still hanging gently from her neck...voice still sweet and 10 pitches higher than the normal human know, all the things that MAKE a teacher.

It's hard for students to wrap their head around the idea that Ms. Ventura could be drastically different in and outside of school.

To entertain the idea that Ms. Ventura wears skirts above her knees with skinny strap tank tops...that she throws her hair up in a messy point tail or perhaps doesn't even "do" her hair at times...that she hoots and hollers, screams, and can be insanely loud and boisterous from time to time...that would nearly put them into shock.

I used to live in the same city that I teach in and I would always wonder if I was going to see my students....I always wondered if they would pull up in their big Escalde next to my sweet little Malibu Maxx and see me jammin' to the music...or if I would run into them while I was on a date and how I would explain that.

In fact, one time I had just left the gym and needed to make a quick stop at Target. I figured there would be no harm in running in and out and being done. I was wrong. I had my hair up in a high pony tail with a handband pulling all the hair out of my makeup...and a sweaty glow from my earlier exercise. The inevitable happened. I saw one of my kids and his family. There was no point in trying to avoid them because I knew the mom saw me. So I excitedly walked up to them and gave little Johnny a big hug and said hi to all the other family onlookers. Johnny just stared at me. He couldn't stop looking at me. As I was talking to his mother, he quickly interrupted and said, "Ms. look different...are you ok??" I couldn't help by chuckle and then I said, "Oh yes, I'm great...don't I look great?!?" Ha.

The point I'm trying to make here is that kids see you one way and assume you are always that way. Always with a book in my hand...always with a marker for the white board...always with a pair of scissors....

Generally I would say that is NOT true...but as of lately it's been the case due to the quickly approaching start date of school. I've been toting around my laminated papers, scissors, and sharpies and have been going to town any and everywhere I am. So, usually I am not one of those "You can tell she's a teacher" types outside of school, but this weekend, I've been wearing my teacher hat in and OUTSIDE of school.

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