Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pondering on a Saturday

Location: Dunn Bros, Excelsior, MN
Time: 3:48 pm
Company: Me, myself, and I
Current Pandora Station: Brandi Carlile, playing Coldplay's Fix You
Weather Conditions: 72 degrees and sunny
Clothing Choice: Flip flops, skinny jeans, and a fun striped cardigan, sleeves rolled
Drink: Strawberry Pink Freeze, light on the whip

I can barely stand how lovely this afternoon has turned out to be. Not that I was planning for it to be horrible to begin with, but I just had no idea I would find myself sitting outside, basking in the glorious sun, on one of the most picturesque days in quite some time.

I had class this morning, and then picked up George from the airport to meet his new bride and one of my best friends, Meg, in Waconia for a wedding. The plan was to then drive back to the cities to go to Greg's birthday party, and then drive back out to Norwood to hang out with all my best friends after the said wedding. After talking with Greg, I realized it made more sense for me to stay out this way than to drive back and forth 2 times...totaling 4 hours of drive time.

Upon staying out here I found myself driving to Excelsior which is one of my favorite cities west of Minneapolis. It's one of those cities that could be straight out of a movie. The shops....the people...the lake and boats...the streets lined with little cars filled with people smiling from ear to ear. I was pleased when I remembered the Dunn Bros in Excelsior and decided this would be the perfect pit stop to get some work done.

So here I sit...quite content. It was on the way here that I had all my random pondering fill my mind...

--Driving out this way reminded me of my experience and time at Crown College. As I was driving the roads I used to drive daily, only a few short years ago, my mind was flooded with memories of my time at Crown. Some incredibly great memories...some ok memories...and some really miserable memories. But as I was reminded of all of those memories, I was reminded of how blessed I was to have had the experiences. There is no doubt that I have met my best, most dear friends during that time. I laughed, and cried, and experienced a kind of life that I will never again experience.

--Driving that route also reminded me of the beauty of the Lord's creation. Glancing out the window on one side I saw lakes of blue, glistening the other side I saw fields that were also glistening a golden glow below the rays of the sun. And at one point, clouds covered and shadowed the land creating a stillness, a peacefulness that is like none other. The colors...the textures...the smells...what an amazing God we have, that intentionally created the land and all that's on it.

--I stopped at Target to grab a few things and walked by the Halloween candy on one side of the aisle, and Christmas wreaths, lights, and trees on the other side. There is something terribly wrong with that picture.

--Life can change so much, in such a short amount of time. I am constantly pinching myself when I think about how blessed I am to spend time with the people that are important to me. But lately I have been thinking about this blessing even more since I have met Greg. I continually feel amazed and thankful for the time I get to spend with him. Kind of funny when I think about how various people have come into my life...but Greg was one person I was not expecting to come into my life...but could not be more pleased and excited that he has!

--Live music is one of the perks of living here in Minneapolis. People are always coming to Minneapolis to perform. On Thursday I went with Greg, his roommate Travis, and my roommate Hilary, to see Brandi Carlile and was just blown away with that performance. There was such a raw, pure, and rarity about her voice and performance. I found myself, although feeling the weariness of the day, wanting the concert to last longer and longer. I could have listened to her sing all night. On Friday night we went to see Joshua Radin who is a smaller name than Brandi C, but still good. I love seeing people doing something they love so much! You can tell that these people are just totally cut out for the job as they just bask in their performances.

--The last time I walked up and down the street of Excelsior I would have picture my life, at this moment, to be much different....SO different...and at the time I thought I couldn't have pictured it any other way...but now that I'm experiencing that "other way" I can't imagine it being the way I had originally pictured it. I love how God surprises you...sometimes now the kind of surprise you want, but sometimes the kind of surprise that, even you couldn't have pictured any better.

I could go on and on....I really could, but for your sanity, and for the sake of actually getting something productive work done, I'll end here! Although the day did not turn out how I would originally planned, it has been quite should try to have one of these days too!

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