Friday, September 11, 2009


First week back and I think this is my favorite part...

We read a story called "The Doorbell Rang" which is about kids sharing cookies. Naturally, I asked the kids what things they share with other people... Most responded by saying "" you get the idea. Then little Suchith raises his hand and says "I share Budlight..." I thought I had to be hearing wrong...Budlight?! I quickly tried to redirect the word and say " share Buzzlight?" "Noooo...Budlight..." said Sucith. I was so confused cause I had no clue what he was talking about. He then proceeded to say he shares this Budlight with his dad and brother. Hmmmm. All the kids kept saying "What is Budlight..." I concluded the conversation "He means"

Check out the little video I took of him talking about Budlight! :)

Oh, the joys of being back!!

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Santiago said...

I'd be so pissed if that were my kid that you were posting videos of on the internet. True story.