Friday, October 23, 2009

Letters from my Kiddos...

I get so many pictures from my students, I barely know what to do with them. This might sound horrible, but half the time I tell them I'm going to take them home and then I just throw them away...I am running out of space to hang them up in the classroom! Shhh!

While I love the bright and colorful pictures, I love getting letters from my kiddos. Check a few of the latest out...

Student Letter #1:

It appears that this little one "really" wants to stay in my classroom. OH...and it's apparent that I need to do some lessons on how to write a friendly letter..."Dear Ms. Ventura" at the end of the letter?! That's new!

Student Letter #2:

I guess we should be working on capital letters at the beginning of a sentence so I can give her another test that she so badly wants. And I think I should be getting more sleep at home...I asked her why she wrote that and her response was, "Oh, you look tired at the end of the day..." While at first I started to contemplate how much I must look like hell at the end of the day (for her to say that), I realized that she may be on to something...I can't say that I disagree with her about being tired and needing more sleep:)

Student Letter #3:

And this is why I have the best job ever...

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