Saturday, October 24, 2009

Will You Be My Valentine?

I realize that it's way too early to be talking about Valentine's day....but just a week or two ago was "Sweetest Day" (I think that's what they call it)...which made me think about Valentine's Day...which lead me to looking at this note I posted on FB about V-Day last year...check it out:

Written 2.15.09

Valentine's Day was celebrated yesterday and is a holiday traditionally known as a time for "lovers to express their love for one another..." (see Wikipedia for a full explanation of the holiday: In essence, a "Valentine" is someone you love and want to express love towards.

As I was thinking about it, people generally think about those they love and ask them to be their "Valentine." I'd like to take an alternative twist, and suggest that not only are there people whom I love and call "Valentine's" but there are also things I love. Can't these be my "Valentine's" as well!!!???

I would say so!

So, I have composed a list of things that I LOVE (in no particular order)...

-Naps on a Sunday afternoon
-Mac computers
-My comfortable bed
-My profession
-Rainy days
-Sherbet with Sprite
-Sunny days
-Bike rides
-Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos
-Nail polish
-My black Northface jacket
-Dim lamps
-Going on a run
-Multiple Tabs open in Moxilla
-Crisp carrots
-The couches I am sitting on
-Singing loudly in my car
-Reading books aloud
-Tommy Bahama Candles
-Seasonal Candy (ie, Jelly Beans at Easter, Hearts at V-Day, etc.)
-Coffee dates (without coffee)
-Telling stories
-Sanctuary Family
-Walking through REI
-Chick flicks
-Unexpected notes/small gifts (ie, Like when my roommy left me a candy bar--just because)
-Clean teeth
-Free Night Thursdays
-Sleeping in
-Giving Gifts
-Steaks with mashed potatoes
-Washing dishes my dishes by hand
-My cell phone
-Wireless internet
-Being organized
-Freshly shoveled sidewalk
-Releasing Inhibition
-Fall days
-Fresh (warm) bread
-Dutch Blitz games
-Spur of the minute plans
-Reconnecting with people
-The unexpected (usually...)
-Painted walls
-My mom's food (minus a few choice meals:))
-Sweats and a hoodie
-A clean house

I could go on and on....but, to the above things....will you be my Valentine!?!

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