Thursday, January 28, 2010

the pink eye nuisance

I got it.

I got pink eye.

I got pink eye on Sunday evening...pretty convenient timing, being that I was contagious for 24 hours after starting the eye drops, and therefore was forced to stay home "sick" on Monday. Having a sick day when you don't really feel sick is get so much more done than when you're laid up on the couch and doped up on Cold Meds for normal sick days.

While having a sick day was quite lovely, having pink eye is not. I mean, I know there are several other ailments that are much worse...but pink eye is just a nuisance...why, you ask? Here's why...

1. You are bound to your little bottle of eye drops, every four hours, for a week straight...

2. You are forced to wear your glasses all day, every day, for at least a week...initially, it's fun to wear your cute glasses (especially since I just recently bought new ones) but the fun wears off rather quickly.

3. You have to wash all your bed linens, towels, and clothes. I normally love washing my bedding, etc. but I had JUST washed my linens...rewashing was not fun.

And the biggest nuisance....are you ready?!

4. You have to throw away ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that could have possibly (even if it was a small possibility) been in contact with your silly pink eye. ANNOYING.

When I say everything I mean

Contacts, contact solution, contact case, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush, eye liner, eyelash curler, etc. etc. How NOT fun. And how expensive. I forgot how much all of that cost because all the things listed about are things that you buy once and will not replace again for a long time...and certainly will not replace all at the same time.

Since I am on the end of the prescribed drops, I figured I should stop by Target to replenish my stock of....everything. Ugh. Nearly $40 later, I had everything back, that got so rudely ripped out of my hands a few short days ago.

Oh pink eye....go away, and please don't come back....ever!

Monday, January 25, 2010

no swine flu for this gal....

Generally speaking, I'm not very good at taking medicines when I'm sick, or visiting the doctor on a regular basis. I just don't like it, it's expensive, and I'm pretty healthy as it is. With all the commotion of the Swine Flu, I figured "I'm not going to get it...I don't need the shot..." so I have been ignoring all of the H1N1 Flu Shot ads that I see nearly everywhere I turn.

Earlier this school year, there were multiple cases of H1N1 in my classroom....and even more cases in my school. One of my colleagues actually had 12 students out with H1N1 (in a class of 21) at one point, including herself. I still had convinced myself I wouldn't get it.

Well, I had to make a trip to the Minute Clinic yesterday evening (that's another story...but long story short, I got Pink Eye....ick!) and as I was sitting there talking to the nurse, I looked left and saw an H1N1 poster....I looked right, and saw the same thing...I looked at the wall in front of me, and again, signs plastered all over. I felt like the signs were screaming at me "Get over it, and get the shot..."

So I inquired. I asked the nurse if I would need to schedule an appointment or if she could simply give me the shot now. I figured since I do work with lots of kids, who have lots of germs, it would be wise to go ahead and get the shot. She told me she could do it right then, and that my insurance would cover it....a FREE keep me from getting the Swine Flu?! I was sold!

A few seconds later I heard her say "Your body is already fighting against the flu...great choice to get the shot..." It was a rather funny thing to hear her commending me on getting a shot...but, I suppose she's right!

No swine flu for me :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the top is the best part...

When I think about the best part of a muffin, I think of the crumbly's by far the best part.

Greg and I were making breakfast this morning and he suggested blueberry muffins....but not just any kind of blueberry muffin....the kind with "crumbly" on the top. Off to Cub Foods I went, on a mission to find crumbly top blueberry muffins. I searched the baking aisle, top to bottom, but didn't find what I was looking crumbly?! Tragic!

I grabbed a mix and figured regular blueberry muffins would have to do. As I was mixing them up, I realized that it couldn't be THAT hard to make the crumble top...right?! I looked up "muffin crumble topping" online and up came plenty of recipes for the crumble topping. The recipe was quite large, so between my awesome measuring skills and Greg's incredible math skills, we cut the recipe into thirds (which was still wayyy too much).

As I was mixing it I realized that there wasn't enough sugar....I could just tell by the way it I add more sugar...but it still didn't look I added more. Finally it looked about right and I topped the muffins with the crumbly and set them in to bake.

I wasn't totally sure how they would turn out since I didn't actually taste the crumble before I added it...I sat in anticipation as they were baking. After a quick 17 minutes in the over, out came these...


The muffins were good, but I must say, the homemade, crumbly topping really was the best part!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

LC letdown

I went to Kohl's this morning to kill some time and as I was searching through the 80% off clearance rack, I stumbled across some clothes with a label that read "LC"...I was curious about the brand because I personally haven't found Kohl's to be the most "up and up" on the fashion scene, but these seemed very "hip." Don't get me wrong, from time to time I have seen some pretty cute articles of clothing, but overall, Kohl's clothes don't catch my eye.

...until today. After I saw the LC label on a shirt that was rather cute, I inquired further. As I looked closer, I realized the LC on the label stands for Lauren Conrad. Yes, Lauren from the Hills! I had no idea that she had a clothing line, although I'm not surprised. They only had a few shirts on the clearance rack, so I raced around the women's departement to find the LC line...and after dodging a few too many clothing racks, I hit the jackpot...LC clothes galore....and they were all CUTE!

For example...

I don't claim to be any sort of fashionista...actually the furthest thing from it...but I have always really liked Lauren's fashion sense on the Hills and am curious how those people afford such cute clothes. Now I know...they make their own [affordable] clothing line, to make butt loads of money, and then in return buy other expensive, cute clothes. Oh, the life. In any case, I was super excited to see so many cute tops, jeans, and dresses....I quickly gathered an arm load of clothes and took them to the dressing room with great anticipation.

I tried on a few pairs of jeans, a few shirts, a blazer/suit coat, and a few dresses...and NONE fit! Whhhhat???!! I had tried on an XS in all of the clothing items figuring they would for sure fit...but nope! Too wide, too long, too baggy. All of the cute LC clothes, don't fit me. So, Lauren, please fix your sizes so that they fit me. Otherwise, this will remain a great LC letdown.

Monday, January 18, 2010

THIS guy....

Greg left this morning for Las Vegas for a business trip...for a week...NOOOOO!

Due to his departure (after having him in town for the past month!) I have been thinking about him a lot....

This post doesn't need a lot of are a few things I have realized lately... gets harder and harder to say goodbye for an extended period of time.

...the more that I spend time with Greg, the more that I want to do that than nearly anything else. I continue to get to know Greg, the more I am blessed by who he is.

...when I think or talk about Greg, I can't help but find myself smiling from ear to ear.

Simply put: THIS guy is incredible!