Saturday, January 23, 2010

LC letdown

I went to Kohl's this morning to kill some time and as I was searching through the 80% off clearance rack, I stumbled across some clothes with a label that read "LC"...I was curious about the brand because I personally haven't found Kohl's to be the most "up and up" on the fashion scene, but these seemed very "hip." Don't get me wrong, from time to time I have seen some pretty cute articles of clothing, but overall, Kohl's clothes don't catch my eye.

...until today. After I saw the LC label on a shirt that was rather cute, I inquired further. As I looked closer, I realized the LC on the label stands for Lauren Conrad. Yes, Lauren from the Hills! I had no idea that she had a clothing line, although I'm not surprised. They only had a few shirts on the clearance rack, so I raced around the women's departement to find the LC line...and after dodging a few too many clothing racks, I hit the jackpot...LC clothes galore....and they were all CUTE!

For example...

I don't claim to be any sort of fashionista...actually the furthest thing from it...but I have always really liked Lauren's fashion sense on the Hills and am curious how those people afford such cute clothes. Now I know...they make their own [affordable] clothing line, to make butt loads of money, and then in return buy other expensive, cute clothes. Oh, the life. In any case, I was super excited to see so many cute tops, jeans, and dresses....I quickly gathered an arm load of clothes and took them to the dressing room with great anticipation.

I tried on a few pairs of jeans, a few shirts, a blazer/suit coat, and a few dresses...and NONE fit! Whhhhat???!! I had tried on an XS in all of the clothing items figuring they would for sure fit...but nope! Too wide, too long, too baggy. All of the cute LC clothes, don't fit me. So, Lauren, please fix your sizes so that they fit me. Otherwise, this will remain a great LC letdown.

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Allison said...

LC has a clothing line....amazing!!! I'm sorry they don't fit you, though. That's totally bogus. Thanks for the warning!