Monday, January 25, 2010

no swine flu for this gal....

Generally speaking, I'm not very good at taking medicines when I'm sick, or visiting the doctor on a regular basis. I just don't like it, it's expensive, and I'm pretty healthy as it is. With all the commotion of the Swine Flu, I figured "I'm not going to get it...I don't need the shot..." so I have been ignoring all of the H1N1 Flu Shot ads that I see nearly everywhere I turn.

Earlier this school year, there were multiple cases of H1N1 in my classroom....and even more cases in my school. One of my colleagues actually had 12 students out with H1N1 (in a class of 21) at one point, including herself. I still had convinced myself I wouldn't get it.

Well, I had to make a trip to the Minute Clinic yesterday evening (that's another story...but long story short, I got Pink Eye....ick!) and as I was sitting there talking to the nurse, I looked left and saw an H1N1 poster....I looked right, and saw the same thing...I looked at the wall in front of me, and again, signs plastered all over. I felt like the signs were screaming at me "Get over it, and get the shot..."

So I inquired. I asked the nurse if I would need to schedule an appointment or if she could simply give me the shot now. I figured since I do work with lots of kids, who have lots of germs, it would be wise to go ahead and get the shot. She told me she could do it right then, and that my insurance would cover it....a FREE keep me from getting the Swine Flu?! I was sold!

A few seconds later I heard her say "Your body is already fighting against the flu...great choice to get the shot..." It was a rather funny thing to hear her commending me on getting a shot...but, I suppose she's right!

No swine flu for me :)

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