Thursday, January 28, 2010

the pink eye nuisance

I got it.

I got pink eye.

I got pink eye on Sunday evening...pretty convenient timing, being that I was contagious for 24 hours after starting the eye drops, and therefore was forced to stay home "sick" on Monday. Having a sick day when you don't really feel sick is get so much more done than when you're laid up on the couch and doped up on Cold Meds for normal sick days.

While having a sick day was quite lovely, having pink eye is not. I mean, I know there are several other ailments that are much worse...but pink eye is just a nuisance...why, you ask? Here's why...

1. You are bound to your little bottle of eye drops, every four hours, for a week straight...

2. You are forced to wear your glasses all day, every day, for at least a week...initially, it's fun to wear your cute glasses (especially since I just recently bought new ones) but the fun wears off rather quickly.

3. You have to wash all your bed linens, towels, and clothes. I normally love washing my bedding, etc. but I had JUST washed my linens...rewashing was not fun.

And the biggest nuisance....are you ready?!

4. You have to throw away ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that could have possibly (even if it was a small possibility) been in contact with your silly pink eye. ANNOYING.

When I say everything I mean

Contacts, contact solution, contact case, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush, eye liner, eyelash curler, etc. etc. How NOT fun. And how expensive. I forgot how much all of that cost because all the things listed about are things that you buy once and will not replace again for a long time...and certainly will not replace all at the same time.

Since I am on the end of the prescribed drops, I figured I should stop by Target to replenish my stock of....everything. Ugh. Nearly $40 later, I had everything back, that got so rudely ripped out of my hands a few short days ago.

Oh pink eye....go away, and please don't come back....ever!

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