Sunday, January 24, 2010

the top is the best part...

When I think about the best part of a muffin, I think of the crumbly's by far the best part.

Greg and I were making breakfast this morning and he suggested blueberry muffins....but not just any kind of blueberry muffin....the kind with "crumbly" on the top. Off to Cub Foods I went, on a mission to find crumbly top blueberry muffins. I searched the baking aisle, top to bottom, but didn't find what I was looking crumbly?! Tragic!

I grabbed a mix and figured regular blueberry muffins would have to do. As I was mixing them up, I realized that it couldn't be THAT hard to make the crumble top...right?! I looked up "muffin crumble topping" online and up came plenty of recipes for the crumble topping. The recipe was quite large, so between my awesome measuring skills and Greg's incredible math skills, we cut the recipe into thirds (which was still wayyy too much).

As I was mixing it I realized that there wasn't enough sugar....I could just tell by the way it I add more sugar...but it still didn't look I added more. Finally it looked about right and I topped the muffins with the crumbly and set them in to bake.

I wasn't totally sure how they would turn out since I didn't actually taste the crumble before I added it...I sat in anticipation as they were baking. After a quick 17 minutes in the over, out came these...


The muffins were good, but I must say, the homemade, crumbly topping really was the best part!

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