Friday, February 26, 2010

a teacher dream come true...

1st graders are busy.

Really busy.

1st graders are noisy.

Really noisy.

I find that there are very few moments in the day when I actually hear myself think, let alone hear the requests, needs, and concerns of the other 22 young people in my room.

Don't get me wrong...I love teaching. A lot!! But I think my all time favorite part of teaching is the time in the year when the kids get so consumed with reading, that we can go a solid 15 or 20 minutes doing nothing but reading.

Having quiet reading time is my "teacher dream" come true...for several reasons...

1. It's quiet...and oh, do I now bask the silence (apart from the turning of the pages) that falls upon our classroom when everyone is reading.

2. It shows me that I'm getting my job done...when the kids can sit (especially at this age) and have uninterrupted reading time, I can finally realize that all those phonics lessons...all those rhyming poems...all of that work is paying off, as I can see the fruits of our labor in their ability to pick up a book and just READ!

3. I can see how all the ideas that I created in my head for the way my classroom would look, a long time ago, are actually my reality. I used to always dream about how I wanted my classroom to chairs for the kids to sit at, a computer station, reading lamps, etc.

For these reasons...reading time is a teacher dream come true!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

brutal saturday morning awakening....

If you're looking for a brutal way to start your Saturday morning...go to and find the "Cardio Yoga" work out. It's 20 minutes of intense and BRUTAL yoga to get your heart pumping.

You will look like this after...

Not only will you look like you just got hit by a truck...but you will also be shaking from muscle exhaustion and sweating profusely from doing the downward dog one too many times.

Good Morning to you all....Nnamaste!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

here goes nothin....

Actually, I hope "here goes somethin..."

I am sitting down to file my taxes...on my own...for the first time...ever.

My mom has always graciously offered to do my taxes, but I realized that at the age of 26, I should be able to say that I know how to do my own taxes.

So here I sit....not exactly sure where to start, but ready to give it a whirl.

Here goes nothing....and hoping for SOMETHING back!