Friday, July 09, 2010

where has the time gone!!???

Last time I wrote was March 22nd...a mere 5 days after Greg and I got engaged. At that moment I was on these crazy emotions of excitement and sear shock, which allowed me all to post and write and think of lengthy ways to share the story.

It's now July 9th. Where in the world did the time go?! I cannot believe that it's been MONTHS. I really really REALLY wanted to blog through our engagement experience, as well as wedding planning so that I could look back and relive the memories of these days.

Alas, it didn't happen. I guess that's ok. For now, I have memories to cling to, and anticipate that I'll have these for years and years to come!

However, I really do want to try to commit to blogging a few times a week, especially now that the day of our wedding draws nearer. But, I don't necessarily only want to write about the wedding. It's been such a weird, but great, and exciting time of my life that it's pretty fun to be able to share these thoughts with you all.

Never have had I had such a desire and need for reflection....I think with all that's upon me including the finish of Graduate School, Getting rehired and tenured at my job, planning a wedding, moving into a new house, go through premarital counseling etc. that I've just had an overabundance of things to ponder and think. And the beauty of it all is that I'm on summer vacation, so I've really been able to spend even MORE time in that thinking mode.

The house is one is here but me. The cool breeze of the fan is rushing over the warmth that surrounds me. The clouds have shaded the house from the sun, so I feel like I'm in a black and blue world. It's peaceful. I have a lot to think about, and be thankful for. So, I'm back at it. I want to share my life (obviously, not all of it....) in writing so that days, and weeks from now I can look back at it and be reminded of how much I have to be thankful for (even if no one else reads this, but me).

The time sure has gone by at an incredibly fast's to the time ahead!


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